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THE Birth like a boss challenge is in the buff Muff App and Has everything to GET YOU READY FOR YOUR BEST BIRTH and to support your ongoing pelvic health!

You've heard that giving birth is like a marathon right?  It is actually more like 5-6 marathons!  Birth is a very physically and emotionally demanding event and just like we would train for a marathon....we need to train for birth! The Buff Muff App teaches you the basics and the monthly membership gives you access to the Birth Like A Boss Challenge and more!

Using the principle of specificity, the Birth Like A Boss challenge will build your mind and body so you can birth powerfully and with confidence!

It can be done at any point in pregnancy and the sooner you start, the more time  you have to implement the exercises. Remember, you are training for the marathon of birth, and like a marathon, you will benefit from months of preparation. Many people do the challenge 2 or 3 times because they feel so good!

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You deserve birth confidence and it all starts with getting fit for labor & motherhood!

Click to hear what one woman had to say about her experience with the Buff Muff App and the 28 day Birth Like A Boss challenge!⤵


The Buff Muff App has free education on pelvic health and kegels. The monthly membership gives you access to the Birth Like A Boss Challenge as well as my postpartum recovery program and workouts to help you return to fitness with strength and confidence. You can finally get clarity on the elusive kegel (which you've probably been told to do now that you are pregnant right?)

I will teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement (because regular kegels are boring!) The movements are chosen intentionally to mimic the most optimal birth positions as well as the movements of motherhood - it is  the principle of specificity at its best!

We are training for birth so you will NOT be doing hundreds of kegels every day but rather exercise that involves the pelvic floor and teaches you how to contract but also how to relax.

The challenge will give you a labor/motherhood specific workout to complete each day. 

You will be working to maintain your core function, to increase suppleness in your pelvis, and to feel strong and powerful!

This challenge is easy to fit into your day and effective. It only requires a couple of things....a tennis ball, a stability ball (55 or 65cm) a small towel and a resistance band.  You can make do without them but it is more fun with them....and you will use them after the challenge too!

The 28 day challenge can be done anytime in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.  Many do it once and then do it again or follow it up with Prepare to Push!
There is an introduction week, 2 work weeks and then the final week is about tapering off before 'race day'. (Sidebar....birth is like a marathon but is NOT a race.)
There is a heavy focus on the pelvic floor and abdominal wall because let's face it, they face some of the biggest changes in pregnancy and birth.


I Want To Birth Like A Boss
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Women Are LOVING The BIRTH LIKE A BOSS Challenge

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Hey Kim,

I had what I call the ''birth of my dreams''.  I felt calm, prepared and in control to bring her into the world.  The staff supported me in all my decisions including labouring in four point kneel or modified four point kneel.  I gave birth in right side lying position, with my upper leg supported in abduction and slight internal rotation.   I also took more time to create an environment for us...dim lights, calming music, meditation and listening to and expressing my needs. 
Now for rest and retraining exercises...I am doing your Kegel Mojo program and love the hypopressive techniques!
Thank you so much again Kim!
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I took the challenge and I am now 6 months postpartum, I thought I'd just let you know how useful I found this program. I had no complications throughout pregnancy, birth or postpartum. That includes no low back pain, no tearing and no diastasis or prolapse. I saw a pelvic health physio last week for the first time and was told I have no issues and have completely recovered.
So thank you very very much!
I've included a before and after belly shot because I was shocked at how quickly my pregnant belly shrank. The first shot is the day before I gave birth, the second shot is 2 days postpartum.
Thanks again,

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I took the challenge to get me doing something every day that was safe for my body and preparing me for my upcoming birth. As a first time mom, it's not easy to know what I should be feeling or how to move in a physiologically correct way with my new shape. The challenge has taught me so much about the pelvic floor and how to release for birth, all in an easy, varied format of just about a half-hour per day.

I now feel more prepared for my birth and know that I can reuse some of the positions during labor, and keep doing them until the big day! I'd read Kim's book but this format was better for developing a daily habit and learning some new exercises. The focus on the breathing also made it a relaxing activity at the end of the day and helped ease all those 8th months pregnant discomforts.

Thanks Kim!

34  Weeks pregnant
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The proof is in the screenshots!

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...and listen to what these women had to say!

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The Challenge Takes Place In The Buff Muff App

Available for iPhone + Android users


The Buff Muff App will support you through pregnancy, postpartum recovery and your return to fitness.  Enjoy the Birth Like A Boss Challenge, the Core Confidence Exercise Program for your recovery and all of the Buff Muff content for your ongoing pelvic health.

If the Challenge is all you want, simply join for one month and then cancel.  No strings attached (but I think you will want to stay because it is full of info and exercise to support your ongoing pelvic health!)

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 Get the app and join the challenge  

Only $27 USD/month - cancel anytime

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