A decision by Health Canada to implement the MDSAP for licensing a medical device in Canada meant significantly higher costs and changes to manufacturing processes.  Canada chose to do this ahead of anyone else and as a result it didn't make sense for smaller manufacturers to pay the costs or change their processes for one country.  As a result many of the smaller, more innovative manufacturers are pulling out of Canada.  Tecsana, the manufacturer of the EPI-NO is one of them.  
We are sold out of the device.  You can try contacting any of the retailers listed on the retailers page to see if they have any stock remaining but they are only legally able to sell it to you up to and including Dec 31st 2018.  After that the product will no longer be licensed in Canada.  Please visit www.epi-no.com for a list of international distributors (of note, none of them will be able to ship to you.  You can have a friend purchase for you in another country and ship to you but no distributor will be allowed.)
It is the end of an era and a sad one at that.  You can voice your concerns but writing to Heath Canada and also your local MP.


The idea which led to the development of the EPI-NO originated in Africa where women insert calabashes/gourds of increasing size gently into the vagina to stretch the perineum and pelvic floor muscles to facilitate a natural birth and reduce the risk of perineal injury. From this age old African custom - still in use today - the soft inflatable EPI-NO balloon and birth-exercise program was conceived and developed into a modern-day medical device by Dr. Whilhelm Horkel, together with a team of gynecologists, midwives, urogenital physiotherapists and pregnant women.

The team also recognized the usefulness of the EPI-NO for women who are not pregnant but were experiencing challenges with a weak pelvic floor. EPI-NO provides a non-surgical, drug free alternative that lets women put pelvic floor wellness in the palm of their hand. Building on the Kegel exercise developed by gynecologist Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, the EPI-NO allows this simple, treatment for incontinence to become more effective through the use of biofeedback.

Manufactured by Tecsana - a German company whose name means "Gentle Technology" the EPI-NO is a revolutionary device for proactive pelvic floor wellness as well as a proven and effective tool to regenerate strength and tone to weakened pelvic floor muscles.