Kegel Challenge - From Pads To Leak Free Living in 28 Days!

The 28 Day Kegel Mojo Challenge
will take you from daily pads to leak free living!

Next Challenge Begins May 13th - Registration opens May 6th

Despite what media will tell you, light bladder leakage is NOT ‘just part of being a woman’.

Incontinence, chronic back pain, a tummy that won’t flatten and organ prolapse are common challenges for women but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal. 

You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor! 

Here are some screenshots of the comments page in the app


This program will help you finally get clarity on the elusive kegel and teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement (because regular kegels are boring!)   

We are talking Kegel Mojo here so there will be no sitting in cars and doing kegels at every red light. 

This app based challenge will change the way you workout for the better. 

You will see a reduction in leaks (and eventually eliminate them with continued commitment), less back pain, a flatter midsection and those feelings of things ‘just not being right down there’ will ease.


Confidence comes when your pelvic floor is active and in check.  There are options beyond pads, drugs, and surgery!

This is an app based challenge

(For Apple®️ and Android®️ devices)