Kegel Mojo - Online Core & Pelvic Floor Fitness Program


Pads, drugs and surgery are unfortunately the norm when it comes to addressing pelvic floor challenges like incontinence, and prolapse.

There is a place for these...


These are out of the box approaches - and I would like to invite you to think inside the box....



A strong and healthy pelvic floor is one of the most essential keys to vitality - the gatekeeper to your mojo - your confidence -  your power!

Kegels are an important piece of the puzzle but there is much more to it!

I've coached hundreds of women one-on-one, helping them restore their pelvic health, relieve incontinence, and awaken their kegel mojo!

Over the years I've refined my practice and deepened my knowledge - and compiled that into a clear set of practices that simply work.

But this one-on-one work is not accessible to everyone... and thinking of all the millions (yes, millions) of women out there struggling with the emotional, psychological and physical repercussions of pelvic floor challenges - especially when a holistic, non-invasive, mind-body solution exists... it just breaks my heart

So I took everything I teach to my clients and put it into one single, easy to use online platform that guides you step by step to rockin' pelvic health.

A single session with me is $97 and it would take about 6 sessions with me to teach you all of the information that is in the Kegel Mojo Program and you can access it anytime to re-watch videos or try one of the 7 different workouts - PLUS you get a free soft copy of my book Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story!

I'm here to tell you that... 





What You Get...

  • Educational videos
  • Key Exercises
  • Beginner Workouts
  • Intermediate Workouts
  • Advanced Workouts
  • Guest Expert Interviews
  • Free soft copy of Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story Book


You get immediate access to the entire program and you have forever access!