Kegels and Cocktails


So much about women's health is 'hush hush' or clinical and that is just not my style.
Let's call a vagina a vagina and let's learn all we can in a fun and informative way so we have mojo and confidence and vitality!
Kegels and Cocktails is an annual event held during World Continence Week in June.  It is a fun, offbeat, unconventional approach to one of the most important topics that never gets talked about: Womens' Pelvic Health.
We gather at a funky venue, sip on our signature cocktail “Pussy Punch”  and begin with a 3 insightful and inspiring speakers.
Then we open it up for a fun and fabulous night out with shopping and socializing and smiles!
  • See new product demonstrations from top innovators and designers
  • Laugh and connect with other amazing women in a drama-free, all-inclusive atmosphere
  • Shop at unique vendor tables – find products you never even dreamt of
  • Nibble the night away on special treats
  • PLUS a special swag bag of surprises and goodies
This isn’t your average women’s health event. This is FUN!
This event is about more than increasing awareness about the importance of pelvic health…
It’s about shifting our internal and cultural dialogue
It’s about connecting and feeling safe and accepted
It’s about reclaiming your health and power as a woman
It's about getting you to think INSIDE THE BOX.


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