Your Pelvic Floor In Motherhood

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely facing some challenges with your pelvic floor… and that’s ok!

You are definitely not alone.

And there is help.

Often, the biggest problem is breaking the silence around it, overcoming the shame and embarrassment to seek help in the first place.

That’s why I do what I do here. I am here to break the silence and give you real, practical, compassionate help to restore your health and confidence.

Motherhood is such a busy time and many mothers suffer in silence, thinking incontinence is normal, or that their body is broken or that there is nothing to do about their situation.

While common, it is not normal and can often be completely reversed with simple exercise and lifestyle modifications. 

How I Can Help

First of all, I recommend every woman – especially women who have been pregnant see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Make it a part of your annual health check.

Watch this quick video showing you what to expect in a pelvic floor physio assessment. This is a high level overview and most appointments are between 30-60 minutes. They are totally different than a PAP and you will gain a tremendous amount of information about your body. 

Ok, back to how I can help...

I specifically handle the movement, posture, and exercise piece of your pelvic health puzzle with my own bag of tricks and specialized knowledge. Physios handle the internal piece, I handle the external piece and the two go hand in hand.

I share what I know in personal coaching sessions  or through my unique online program: Kegel Mojo

What is Kegel Mojo?

Kegel Mojo is an online program packed with all the tools and detailed instructions you need to ensure your pelvic floor is strong and healthy – at every stage of life.

Education, exercise, workouts and guest experts. It is packed into one online program that you have forever access to. It is meant to offer options to those who don't have access to pelvic floor physio, supplement the coaching sessions I do with women and plain and simply, help YOU move to better pelvic floor function.

You can find out more here.