Prepare To Push

Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life! It’s also a time when your core and pelvic floor go through a lot changes: shifting, stretching, moving… not to mention carrying around a growing baby.

Knowing how to support your body during these changes can help you navigate these changes to an easier birth, faster recovery, and a smooth transition into motherhood

    Prepare to Push™ Online Program

    This is the first program we created program here at Vagina Coach and it goes through everything you need to know: from early pregnancy through birth and of course, the recovery.

    The best part about the online course is that you can go at your own pace. You can watch and follow along with the exercises from the convenience of your own home – no need to drive, or find parking, or coordinate schedules.

    And you have lifetime access so you can refer back at anytime and will also receive updates and new information.

    The course is organized into 13 Modules, each with videos, diagrams, and step-by-step exercise plans so you can approach your birth relaxed, confident and empowered.

    Here’s some of what we will cover:

        • How the pelvic floor health is the missing link in modern women’s health
        • Different ways pregnancy can interfere with your core, and how you can compensate in a constructive way
        • Everything you need to know about diastasis recti: how it happens and how to heal it
        • The real easiest birth positions – it’s not what you see on TV!
        • How a certain way of breathing can strengthen your pelvic floor and make for an easier birth
        • Which exercises to help prepare your body for birth, and which to avoid!
        • The little-known long-term health complications that come from cesarean birth
        • How fear can actually make your birth more physically difficult and how to relax and prepare your mind
        • What is Perineal Massage and why you would want to do it
        • Specific exercises for new Moms so you can recover faster and begin enjoying your newfound motherhood!
        • Visualizations that can help you restore your pelvic health even faster