Kegel & Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs For All Stages Of Pregnancy

Whether you are about to become pregnant, have just had a baby, we have developed a set of online courses that will help you strengthen your core to ease childbirth or help you recover faster post pregnancy.


For pregnant women who want to learn about the pelvic floor and core to prevent some of the more common challenges. Online self-directed learning program with Lifetime Access - Prenatal Education, Exercise, & Postpartum Recovery (includes Birth Like A Boss Challenge)

$97.00 USD

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Get Your Body Ready For Your Best Birth With A Daily Workout For 4 Weeks in the Buff Muff App. A 28 day program that applies the principle of specificity from fitness to labor prep. Pelvic floor focused, whole body workouts to help you birth powerfully.

$ 27.00 USD

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Birth Like A Boss or Prepare To Push™ - Which One Should You Take?

Prepare To Push™ is my comprehensive online prenatal education program.  Think of it like an online workshop that gives you knowledge. You have lifetime access AND you get one Birth Like A Boss Challenge for free!

Birth Like A Boss is an app based exercise program that lasts for 28 days and uses the principle of specificity to prepare your body for birth. You start, you complete the daily workout, you end and then the content goes away.

So which should you take? Prepare To Push™ is my most popular because it gives you everything you need!