• Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story eBook

Your Pelvic Floor - The Inside Story eBook


Your Pelvic Floor The Inside Story is a comprehensive and fun exploration of pelvic floor health across all the stages of womanhood: from pregnancy, through motherhood, and into menopause.

Illustrated with simple diagrams and fun, casual language, it is your ultimate guide to restoring and preserving the most important and tragically ignored part of women’s health.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn:


  • 8 critical ways a healthy core supports your health and well-being
  • How most women are doing Kegels wrong, and why the right way matters
  • The different kinds of incontinence and how you can heal them with a simple set of exercises (no drugs or diapers needed!)
  • What foods can actually damage your pelvic floor and make incontinence worse
  • How to protect your posture while pregnant
  • The relationship between your pelvic floor and back pain.
  • What you can personally do about prolapse
  • The spiritual and emotional connections to your pelvic floor
  • How you can heal diastasis recti, aka mummy tummy (hint: it’s probably not your diet)
  • What is a pelvic physiotherapist – and how and why you should find one
  • Plus tips from pelvic health and fitness experts all around the world!

This ebook is the distillation of years experience in helping women everywhere with their pelvic floor health – all in one simple, easy to reference, beautifully designed guide you can download instantly.




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