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Free Masterclass 

Show Your Pelvic Floor Who's Boss!

Did you know that incontinence and prolapse are treatable? With the right information you can ditch the incontinence pads, stop planning your life around your bladder and get back to living your life fully!  This masterclass is for anyone who

  • leaks when they laugh, cough, sneeze, run or jump  
  • goes to the bathroom 'just in case' 
  • has heaviness in their pelvis
  • feels or sees a bulge
  • feels sudden and strong urges and feels like they can't make it to the. bathroom in time
  • feels like they have to go all the time!
  • has chronic low back pain
  • has difficulty starting the flow or urine

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Life Changing Info

In this masterclass you'll learn

  • The most common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and what they mean.  
  • My top tips for reducing or even eliminating symptoms associated with incontinence, prolapse and back pain.
  • The role of a bladder diary (and you'll get a free one too!).
  • The most common mistakes women make when trying to cope with their pelvic floor challenges.
  • The role of diet and exercise
  • Information that really should have been taught to us in grade school!


I'm Kim Vopni

I coach hundreds of women each year and here's what I’ve learned...they are often angry and ask ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this before???’ 

If they had been given the opportunity to get really clear on what their symptoms meant and how their lifestyle habits may be contributing to their challenges BEFORE they began taking medications, having surgery or buying pads each week, they would have saved so much time, money and stress – heck even relationships!

I understand their frustration but I remind them that it is never too late!

I combine my professional experience with my own personal experience of incontinence and organ prolapse.  I have overcome both and have helped thousands do the same.

Now it's your turn!

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You May Be Thinking... 

Do I Really Need This?

In my opinion...if you have a vagina, you absolutely need this information. Why? Because we...

  • Have (or had) a menstrual cycle 
  • We can grow and birth babies (but you don't need to have been pregnant to experience pelvic floor problems)
  • We will all go through menopause
  • Our pelvic floor has really important jobs and when not working well, it robs us of freedom, joy and spontaneity
  • Once you know, you can then tell your girlfriends, daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers - heck, invite them to watch the masterclass too!

Yes You Need This and You  Deserve To Know!

  • Stop relying on Dr Google (it just leaves you scared and confused)
  • Stop paying good money on pads (it could cost you upwards of 70K over your lifetime by the way)
  • Stop thinking the problem will go away on it's own (it won't and it gets worse over time unless you intervene)
  • Stop thinking you just need surgery to fix this (there is no shame in surgery, but ALL of this information is even more important if you choose surgery)