• Pelvienne Wellness

"I have tried kegels and they don’t work."

Women come to me feeling a little bit lost and a whole lot frustrated. They've been trying their best to heal their pelvic floor, but something's missing...

Maybe you're in that spot right now? You've been doing kegels, but your symptoms are not improving.

The majority of women I work with are missing a few small (but crucial) tweaks that make all the difference.

Once we uncover which adjustments to make, their bodies change, their symptoms disappear and their confidence soars! So, what's getting in the way for you? 

I'm here to help you find out!

Kim Vopni
Women’s Health & Fitness Coach

"After doing the challenge for a few weeks my physio said my pelvic floor strength had improved!" -Louise

"Prior to the challenge I had considered surgery. Now I feel stronger and I feel unstoppable!" - Yolanda

"After the challenge I am a lot more aware, I feel a lot stronger and able to recruit my pelvic floor." - Joanne