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The 28 Day 'Buff Muff' Challenge Will Take You From Daily Pads To Leak Free Living!

Despite what media will tell you, light bladder leakage is NOT ‘just part of being a woman’.

Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal.

You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor! 


A new challenge begins the first Tuesday of every month.  


A few pieces of equipment that you will want to have to make the most of the challenge are;

  • tennis ball (a small apple will work too
  • a small towel or
  • a small cushion or small squishy ball
  • a chair
  • a yoga strap or long scarf 
  • a resistance band
  • an exercise ball (stability ball)
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You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor! 

Click to hear what one woman had to say about her transformation over the 28 day challenge!⤵


This 28 day challenge will help you finally get clarity on the elusive kegel and teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement (because regular kegels are boring!)

We are talking Kegel Mojo here so there will be no sitting in cars and doing kegels at every red light

This app-based challenge (iphone or android phones) will change the way you workout for the better and set you on the path of habitual pelvic floor fitness - all in 28 days (or less!). 

You will see a reduction in leaks (and eventually eliminate them with continued commitment), less back pain, and those feelings of things ‘just not being right down there’ will ease.

This challenge is easy and effective and only requires a couple of things....a tennis ball, a stability ball (55 or 65cm) a small towel and a loop resistance band.  You can make do without them but it is more fun with them....and you will use them after the challenge too!

The 28 day challenge is also for women who have NO SYMPTOMS and are looking to be proactive about their pelvic health so that they never get the common symptoms many women struggle with.
It's like Pelvic Floor Preventive Medicine!


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Women Are LOVING The Buff Muff Challenge

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Hey Kim,

I happened to find you on Instagram, through another Instagram account and I am so glad I did! For years I thought I was the only one who had a leaky bladder, then I thought it was normal and all women do.

Doing the challenge, made me realize it's not normal and there is something I can do about it!! 

Since doing the challenge I have gotten rid of the panty liners I had to wear every day, for at least 10 yrs! Such a relief!! 

I am so much more confident now not having to worry about leaking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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I've bought 2 other pelvic floor programs, as well as a well known Diastasis Recti book, AND I've done pelvic floor physio; but it is your 28 day challenge that got me moving most.

I tried a bit of these other products intermittently but I really clicked with the clarity that your challenge provided; I knew what I had to do each day, and how and why to do it, so I did all 28 days.

Well done on a great product!
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The proof is in the screenshots!

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...and listen to what these women had to say!

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The Challenge Takes Place In The Obii App

Available for iPhone + Android users

Step 1 - Register for the challenge
Step 2 - Download the Obii app on your phone
Step 3 - You get a code via email to access the Buff Muff Challenge
A new challenge starts the first Tuesday of every month. You get notifications and reminders on your phone along with the daily list of 5 exercises (with video to watch). You earn points for completing each exercise. Points can be used to unlock bonus content.
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Register for the challenge today!

Only $27 USD