Your Pelvic Floor Tribe awaits in the

Buff Muff community!

You made the choice to join the challenge.

You made the commitment for 28 days.

Now it is time to think about keeping up with your gains and maintaining your progress.

Kegels are not a quick fix. They work when done correctly, coordinated with movement AND consistently.

The Buff Muff Community is your key to kegel consistency

done Maintain the gains you have seen in the challenge
done Make further progress
done Learn the Hypopressive Method
done Add in weight training
Make every workout a pelvic floor workout. You CAN have core confidence for life – let’s do this!

Save time, money and your sex life!

done No need for a gym membership - save time and money
done Make pads a thing of the past - save time and money and the environment
done Stop googling and buying programs that don't work - save time and money
done Make every workout a core + pelvic floor workout - save time
done Find your core confidence – improve relationships and social connection
done Improve your sex life – better sensation, better orgasms!
done Build your pelvic health village – learn from a variety of experts and connect with others – you are not alone

"Kim combined her practical knowledge and experience to curate a program that was exactly what I needed!

I have tried many different physiotherapists and personal trainers, however Kim is the only one who delivered results fast! I was so pleased with the results from the Buff Muff challenge that I decided to continue my membership for Kim’s ongoing advice and support. Kim is fantastic and I think more women should know about her!"

- Shilpa, mom of 2

A VARIETY OF WORKOUTS TO HELP YOU maintain a strong core for life! 

done Stretches to help you gain length and suppleness
done Release work to help you mange pain, and discomfort while creating space to breathe and find ease
done Learn Hypopressives and target your inner core in a way you have never experienced before
done Lift weights safely and effectively - because we need to lift!
done Cardio to ensure you keep the blood flowing and because sweating is awesome!
done Body weight and zero equipment options as well
done 6 on demand workouts available immediately and a new one released each month

late night google searches,

long waits and short visits with multiple doctors,

and uncertainty ABOUT what is safe for exercise

done Full access to the exercise library
done Immediate access to 6 on demand workouts and a new one unlocked every month thereafter
done Learn Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness and enjoy entry level workouts with this amazing technique
done Nourish your body with immediate access to 2 meal plans and a new one unlocked every month thereafter
done Learn about topics such as painful bladder syndrome, endometriosis, abdominal therapies, and pessaries from guest experts such as a UroGyn, a nurse continence advisor, pelvic health physical therapists, and women’s health professionals.
done Ask me anything – I am always in the community to answer questions AND once a month you can join the LIVE group call to ask me in real time, or join me for a workout, connect with others or simply watch the recording later on your own time.

Buff Muff for strengthening your pelvic floor to improve your pelvic health is an excellent investment. Kim has created a resource that is evidence-based, safe, and easy to understand. Short videos demonstrate and explain the exercises, in workouts that range from beginner or easy to more difficult. This allows for progressively more challenge to the muscles, a necessary feature for building better muscles. It comes with a vast collection of interviews and lectures with leading women’s health practitioners and thought-leaders to enhance understanding of your body. If you are looking to cure your incontinence or support your pelvic organ prolapse from the privacy and convenience of your own home that you can feel confident is safe and effective, this is the program.

Gillian McCormick,

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Health Educator/Speaker

Regular ongoing pelvic floor muscle strengthening is an important part of reducing incontinence and can support concerns of pelvic organ support. This program is a lovely adjunct to pelvic health physiotherapy as it gives clients daily pelvic health exercises integrated with progressive functional movement strategies. This has been a great addition to care for early functional integration of pelvic floor muscle control. A lot of energy and depth of knowledge has gone into building this program to support people to access resources from the comfort and safety of their home.

Jodie Pulsifer,

Full Circle Physiotherapy

Chances are you have spent years taking care of others. 

Who is taking care of you?

You made the choice to join the challenge which was the first step.  You made the choice to put YOU at the top of your to-do list.

JOIN The Buff Muff Community

It is made for you to ensure you keep making your pelvic health a priority.

Everything else is easier when you are not worried about embarrassing leaks, or thinking about your prolapse symptoms, or wondering if you will need surgery, or feeling confused about what exercise is safe.

You are the priority and you are part of an amazing community of women just like you!

And of course you have access to me – your own personal vagina coach – every day!

You get continued access to the Obii app that will send you a daily reminder and a workout.  You also have access to the members’ only portal that houses all of the on demand workouts, a comprehensive exercise library, meal plans, guest experts and a bonus section with resources and goodies!

New content is added each month to keep you progressing and keep you supported.

Weekly emails point you to the featured content that has unlocked

An exercise library with videos and images and modifications

On demand workouts to help you accelerate your core results, build a daily workout habit and more

Member community chat area to keep you connected to other real-life women building buff muffs!

New monthly content, resources and bonus content keep you learning and progressing

I can't remember how I was tipped off about you...but somewhere in my prolapse journey (since the birth of my daughter 6 years ago) I found you. And I've been obsessed with your dedication and love for your craft!

Also, my marketing/photography side is blown away by your social media/online presence...and now with the Kajabi platform...it just makes it all so much easier and pleasurable to take care of myself!

Thank you for doing what you do! - Kate

So much great information on a variety of topics! I've learned more about women's health and how best to take care of myself and others than I thought possible. Exercise videos were easy to understand and follow and videos with guests were engaging and informative. Will highly recommend all of your programs!

- Allison

Hi Kim,

I’ve been meaning to e-mail you to thank you for allowing me to be in the group. I have learned so much! As a birth and postpartum doula, I work with a lot of mamas and am often the first one to introduce the concept of pelvic floor health to them. I will definitely be recommending your programs! You gave me the courage to take out my pessary again and book an appointment with my gynaecologist (happening next week!) to assess fit and type of pessary I need.

Thank you! - Julie-Ann

I'm only on module two and I'm so in love with your program, thank you, thank you, thank you! I've really been struggling with prolapse and a weak pelvic floor and have not been able to get the support that I knew I needed to improve my situation. It's mentally debilitating, and so frustrating that we aren't educated about this before pregnancy.

It's also been a struggle to find a PT that works for me. I already feel better after going through two days of your program. I'm so excited to learn more about the techniques to improve prolapse...and if I can improve by a level...omg, that would be amazing!

Thanks again,

- Shealyn

I just wanted to say that I love your account and THANK YOU for normalizing the conversation around pelvic floor injuries and healing!

After my twins were born in 2016, I suffered from a 3rd degree bladder prolapse. I thought my life as I knew it was over, at the age of 26. I thought I would never run again. Never workout again. Never enjoy sex again. My own ob/gyn only recommended surgical treatment down the road. I live in the small province of PEI and at the time we only had 1 pelvic floor physiotherapist whom I found doing my own internet research. Pelvic floor physiotherapy completely changed my life! I saw my ob/gyn a year later and he couldn’t believe the change and has since been recommending physiotherapy to many of his patients suffering from prolapse symptoms.

It’s time for women to stop thinking prolapse and the symptoms of prolapse are just part of being a woman and having babies. There is so much we can do to improve our own quality of life! So thank you again!

- Sue

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to email and tell you that I keep doing my exercises and the obii - Buff Muff Membership continues to help me. I can’t thank you enough for You and what you do. I am so glad I did the one month challenge in April and my pelvic health has improved. I had a Dr appt today for a second opinion on surgery. The Dr was so impressed with my state of pelvic floor. He did not recommend surgery and told me to continue doing what I am doing. I told him about you and he said he knew you. Dr Lazarre.

Thanks again, and again,

- Sarah

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You have already taken the first step... you made the commitment for 28 days. 

Imagine what another month, another 3 months, another year of putting your pelvic health first will bring you!

Once you sign up you will receive your login details to access the members area of the Buff Muff Community.  You will also be granted continued access to the Buff Muff Workouts through the Obii app so you can continue to have your daily reminders and workout at your fingertips.

You will have immediate access to the full exercise library including modifications for some key exercises you may have been avoiding. You will have access to several on demand workouts, a guest expert interview, and some meal plans.  A new one of each of these will unlock each month.

I want you to be supported every step of the way and also get the results you desire. I will give you the tools to put into practice and guide you on your journey.  If at any point you don’t feel it is what you need, you can cancel with no strings attached….but I’m pretty sure you will get used to having a vagina coach in your life and will want to stay...just sayin'.

Anyone who has completed the Buff Muff Challenge is eligible to join the community. There are women who are pregnant, some who have young families, some who have never been pregnant and others who are approaching or beyond menopause.  As owners of vulva’s and vagina’s, we go through many life stages that influence our pelvic health and this community is here to support each and every one of you no matter where on that path you may be.

at the top of your to do list