If you are struggling with incontinence or organ prolapse or feelings of a weak core...even back pain...this program will help you get your mojo back so you can live your life to the fullest!


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Take charge of your bladder leakage now?

1 – You can save time and money

You can ditch the pads that are costing you between $30-$150/month and put that money towards anything you like!  The time and money you will save by not having to wear pads every day (and shop for them) is enormous…and the environment will thank you too!

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2You can enjoy true freedom again

Your mind is always thinking about where the closest bathroom is or hoping you can make it through a meeting or wondering if anyone can tell.  With prolapse, you are hindered by the symptoms and may be planning your life around your poop!  The freedom of complete confidence means YOU are in the driver’s seat and no longer controlled by your bladder or your prolapse. You are free to go on a road trip, have spontaneous sex, take a trip somewhere exotic…whatever you want, whenever you want.

3You can exercise and move with true confidence

Your current reality of peeing before every run or exercise class and then leaving part way through to go again will be a thing of the past.  Your fear of making your prolapse worse will subside. You can walk, run, jump, lift weights, do yoga...whatever you like!  Your exercise lifestyle will expand and bring you joy, health and confidence.

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I'M IN!!
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Have you been rocking life and all that it throws at you on a daily basis?  The emails, the laundry, the meal planning, the shopping, the relationships, the job….the list goes on.

Can we just acknowledge how awesome you are for all of the ‘to do’s that get done by you every day?

You ARE rocking it…but you have the ability to rock it even more!

Imagine how much easier that ‘to do’ list would be if buying pads wasn’t on it?

Imagine how amazing it would feel to complete your daily task list without planning your bathroom trips as well?

Imagine the sense of pride and confidence you would have when you check yourself out in the mirror before heading out the door without symptoms bringing you down?

You are doing a lot but I want you to REALLY ROCK IT ...with complete confidence ... I know you want that too.

It’s time to get your mojo back!

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My goal is to ensure that every woman know that light bladder leakage (better described as incontinence) is NOT ‘just part of being a woman’ and that improving prolapse IS possible!

My preventive and restorative pelvic floor fitness techniques help women move through all life stages pad-free and powerful!

My mom dealt with incontinence and eventually had surgery in her 50’s.  I wanted a different story for myself and was determined to do all I could to prevent tearing in childbirth, postpartum incontinence and the other challenges that my mom faced like chronic back pain and a protruding belly.

I started my business helping pregnant women prepare for birth but realized shortly after the birth of my second son that the element of recovery and core retraining was an essential part that I had overlooked.  I had been given the ‘green light’ to return to fitness and was in an exercise class when I felt the dreaded leak during a jumping jack!  I knew then that although I had no tearing in childbirth, I had not taken the essential steps needed to retrain my core and pelvic floor. 

I learned from leaders in the field of pelvic health – physiotherapists and physicians – who gave me the tools to not only help myself but tools that transformed the lives of my clients.  They were eliminating back pain, ditching the pads, reducing or eliminating prolapse symptoms and enjoying sex again!

It has been 16 years now and I have reversed my own uterine prolapse, avoided incontinence and lived with a rectocele for over 9 years. I have also helped hundreds of women do the same!

Over the years I have come to some interesting conclusions

Women think it is normal to pee when they laugh, cough, sneeze or jump. Media tell us it is ‘just part of being a woman’ and our mothers confirm this (if they even talk about it at all).
Women believe that surgery is the only alternative. Surgery can be needed or chosen by some but surgery, while it fixes the symptom, doesn’t always address what contributed to the problem developing in the first place. Many surgeries ‘fail’ as a result.
Kegels are often prescribed but rarely taught. Telling someone to 'go home and do your kegels' is not helpful and studies show that most women are doing kegels incorrectly.

The difference between being told to do Kegels and learning the 3C approach to Pelvic Floor Fitness is the key!


They learn how to do kegels Correctly

Squeezing your vagina at every red light or while brushing your teeth is not the most effective way to train your pelvic floor and there is more to a kegel than just a squeeze.
Studies show that most women are doing kegels incorrectly and then think they don't work.

They do kegels Consistently

Doing kegels intermittently (even if done correctly) is not an effective long term strategy.
Continence is the compound interest of daily pelvic floor fitness. 

They do kegels Coordinated with movement

Static kegels while watching tv or sitting in traffic does not translate to activities of daily living or your workout routine. You need your pelvic floor muscles to be able to respond to things like lifting, pushing, standing up from a chair and so on…
Sitting at every red light means you will become good at squeezing at every red light. But what about when you cough?  or run? or lift weights?

The kegel mojo Group Coaching Program

is the way to true body confidence and the key to healing symptoms of a ‘weak core’.

I'm in!!

WHAT IF YOU’VE TRIED OTHER CORE FITNESS PROGRAMS AND are still dealing with challenges like...

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Chronic Back Pain

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Prolapse Symptoms

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Unsatisfying Sex


Every single one of these symptoms is a signal your body is sending you asking for help and the solutions you’ve tried to date haven't addressed the real problem or have not addressed all of the facets that influence optimal core function and pelvic health.



The Kegel Mojo Group
Coaching Program

A 6 week online course and group coaching program

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Engaging and empowering online education through your private online learning portal. 
6 instant access learning modules each with educational videos, downloadable tools and lifestyle hacks you can put into practice immediately to start eliminating symptoms right away!
One weekly zoom call with me and the entire group (you can choose to remain private) where I teach, guide and inspire you as well as answer your specific questions.
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Videos released all at once

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 Lifetime Access

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Downloads and Tools

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60+ exercises, 6+ workouts

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Live Q&A calls

6 live calls (recorded for those who can't attend live)

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Facebook Group

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"Kegel Mojo is an excellent investment. Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach, has created a resource that is evidence-based, safe, and easy to understand. Short videos demonstrate and explain the exercises and workouts range from beginner or easy to more difficult. This allows for progressively more challenge to the muscles, a necessary feature for building better pelvic health. It comes with a vast collection of interviews and lectures with leading women’s health practitioners and thought-leaders to enhance understanding of your body. If you are looking to cure your incontinence or support your pelvic organ prolapse from the privacy and convenience of your own home that you can feel confident is safe and effective, this is the program. As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist myself, I confidently refer my patients to this program to ensure they stay on top of their exercise and lifestyle habits"
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"I am in menopause and I suffer from dryness, atrophy and get up multiples times a night to pee. My symptoms are still quite present but in only 28 days I noticed an improvement. Now, I get up only only once or twice compared to four times a night. Small improvement but oh so sweet. This program has given me hope that this problem can be improved or maybe even be fixed. Doctors often tell us that after menopause some leakage is normal. Thankfully, Kim debunks this myth by teaching us tools and techniques that can help improve and possibly eliminate this pesky problem. Regardless, if you are experiencing mild or more deliberating problems, this program can help everybody. At the very best, it will give you the vocabulary and knowledge to talk to your doctor and specialists. So happy to have come across this program."
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"I am 30 years old and have a cystocele following the birth of my first baby last year. I was devastated when I discovered my prolapse as I had always really enjoyed HIIT workouts and yoga prior to my pregnancy and I felt that my diagnosis was a life sentence for me. I felt symptomatic by the end of each day and was struggling mentally to deal with my new body. I am so grateful to have found this program. I feel confident that I can move my body safely and enjoy working out again. I have discovered that knowing my own limits and taking things slowly is key. I am really pleased to have learned about the hypopressive technique and am now practicing this daily. I have discovered the importance of taking a holistic approach and changes in my diet have helped me greatly. I am less symptomatic than when I started the program and I am hopeful that, with continued work, I can become asymptomatic most of the time. I have also noticed a mental shift in my attitude towards my prolapse which has been just as valuable to me as the physical changes. It is great to be part of a supportive community. Since completing the program, I feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I can live an active and fulfilling life regardless of my prolapse."

Christine Matheson, ND, gives Kegel Mojo a glowing review in her video testimonial.

Press play to hear what she has to say!

"Before the program, I was struggling with urge incontinence and bladder prolapse. I felt drastic improvements in my urge symptoms, and visible improvement in my prolapse. Now that I've completed the program, I feel very armed with the tools I need to continue to resolve my symptoms, as well as confidence that I am doing everything I can from a lifestyle and activity standpoint to prevent things from regressing."

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You have a full 14 days to go through the online content and attend the first call. If you are not completely blown away with the content and the access to support for your pelvic floor, I will refund your purchase.

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What is possible in YOUR life after you complete the Kegel Mojo Group Coaching Program?

1.  More money in your pocket

2.  Social life freedom

3.  Enjoy exercise (and sex) again

A survey of past participants highlighted a 4.7/5 satisfaction rating and 100% would refer this program to a friend.

Yes! I Want This!

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First 10 - The first 4 people to sign up for the Kegel Mojo Group Coaching Program will get a free 60 min coaching call with me to address all of the unique challenges your face

Everyone - Every persons who registers for the Kegel Mojo Group Coaching Program will get 6 weeks FREE access to my Buff Muff Community Membership upon completion of the group coaching program. This is designed to further support the progress you will make in the 6 week group program.  You can access meal plans, on demand workouts, guest experts and my exclusive resource section where you can access my top product recommendations at a discount.


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Lifetime access to the Kegel Mojo Online Program including all the downloads and tools
6 Live (recorded) group coaching calls
Unlimited email support with me for the full 6 weeks!
Free access to the Buff Muff Membership for 6 weeks after the group program ends.
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Kegel Mojo Online Course only 


The Kegel Mojo Group Coaching Program begins on April 7 at 4pm PST .
Once you click the button above you will be taken to  a secure checkout. 
After your registration is complete you will be sent an email receipt as well as an email with your personal login details.
If you are one of the first 10 to complete the registration you will also be sent a calendar booking link to book your free 60 min call at your convenience.
I look forward to being your vagina coach and helping you find your Kegel Mojo!

See you inside!

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