Digestive and Pelvic Health with Dr. Christine Matheson

Dr. Christine Matheson, ND has been practicing as a licensed naturopathic doctor since 2001 in Ontario, Canada. She’s also an Arvigo® Therapist and a certified Kundalini yoga instructor who helps women experience wellness from the inside out by focusing on the vital step of achieving better belly health through thriving gut health, improved pelvic health and fertility health if trying to conceive. Her signature Belly Be Well™ Programs are offered either through one-on-one naturopathic consultations or online group classes and combine teaching natural lifestyle approaches with the unique benefits of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy which is an abdominal massage technique that can help align and decongest the abdominal and pelvic organs to optimize their key functions. Christine is honoured to have been one of the first naturopathic doctors in Canada who pioneered working as part of an integrative medical team in a hospital setting at the former Women’s Pelvic Centre at Women’s College Hospital. She aims to help as many women as possible unlock their ultimate vitality through better belly health and having a better relationship and connection to this important region of the body.  For questions or to book a free call with Christine contact [email protected]




Thank you so much for listening! I use fitness and movement to help women prevent and overcome pelvic floor challenges like incontinence and organ prolapse. There is help for women in all life stages!

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