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Core Confidence for Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Expand your assessment skills as a women's pelvic health physiotherapist. Learn how to assess your patients in standing and movement using the Core Confidence Pelvic Floor Exercise program. Birth prep coaching for your pregnant patients will also be covered.

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Level Up (no pun intended) Your Patient Assessments

As a women's health professional you want to be the in-demand expert women trust to help them understand and care for their body in ways that can help them stay strong in pregnancy, prepare them for birth, and heal common postpartum core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti.
Internal assessments on the bed are an important first step but the landscape changes..symptoms change too...when the body is upright and moving.


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Women need you!

Learn how to assess your clients in standing and movement using the Core Confidence prenatal exercises. For therapists who treat pregnant women, learn how to determine your patients most effective positions for pushing and how to help them learn to push effectively.
Pelvic health is becoming increasingly talked about and more and more women are seeking the guidance of a women’s health physiotherapist. Therapists who are trained in assessing the pelvic floor in movement add an additional skill level that will benefit women through all life stages and taking that a step further, therapists who are able to assess and coach their pregnant clients as they prepare for birth is a game changer!
The majority of women have been or will become pregnant at some point in their life and many women are waiting until they are in their 40's to start a family. Some women are in perimenopause while also becoming pregnant.
An understanding of the effects of pregnancy and birth on the body and how to train your client for what is arguably the most challenging event they will ever endure.

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It's Time to Join The Ever Growing Community!

We began with our Core Confidence Specialist Course for fitness and non internal physios in 2013 and taught it live. We then added the 1 day course for internal pelvic floor therapists in 2015 followed by our Pre/Postnatal course in 2018. We launched the Core Confidence and Pre/Post course online in 2018 and it is now time to get the internal therapist course online too!
We have held an internal course in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Now we can reach therapists anywhere with the course fully online.
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You'll gain a solid understanding of... 

Anatomy AND the function of the true inner core.
How pregnancy and birth affect the core.
Essential moves to train your clients for birth. The principle of specificity is KEY to training your clients for the most physically and emotionally challenging event of their lives.
What Diastasis Recti is, how to assess for it in pregnancy and postpartum. It is more than just the gap.
The optimal response of the prenatal pelvic floor in movement as well as pelvic floor conditions as they relate to underactive vs overactive pelvic floor muscles. You will also gain an awareness of when in movement would be considered most optimal for pelvic floor contraction and how to assess for the timing
How exercise can both help and hinder. Move your clients through their programs with new awareness developed from this course.
Functional movements for motherhood and how to get your prenatal clients ready for the demands of being a mom
Understand the relevance of pelvic floor assessments done with movement. Learn internal management strategies for pelvic floor retraining postpartum and beyond
Learn a variety of birth positions and how to assess the tone and response of your patient’s pelvic floor to help optimize pushing efficiency and increase their confidence

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Introduction and Course Outline
Core 4 Anatomy Review
Review of Main Types of Core Dysfunction
DRA - Assessment and Treatment
Functional Assessment & Treatment
Birth Prep
Pushing evaluation and coaching
Postpartum considerations
Collaborating with Movement Pro’s

What You Get

Learn from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer We learned from and trained with OBGYN's, UroGyn's, Midwives, Doulas and Pelvic Health Physios and together we have a combined 35+ years of practice!
Work at your Own Pace From Anywhere in The World! You have lifetime access to the content and can use the textbook and online materials anytime, anywhere all at your own pace.
Unlimited Support. Use the Community Forum to ask your questions anytime while completing the course.
Free Copy of Pregnancy Fitness. We offer free global shipping for your book which is a textbook to support your online learning.
Eligibility For Membership. Once you have completed the course and passed the exam you are eligible to join the Pro Membership that gives you access to the entire team including Kim Vopni, unlimited access to all professional courses (while a member), a full exercise library and workouts to be inspired by, guest experts and more!




I LOVED this course!

"I finished this course just yesterday and it was exactly what I was looking for as a pelvic floor therapist. I had been struggling to put pelvic floor functional exercises into a program for my clients and I now feel more confident in my exercise prescription and functional assessment skills. The information on labouring down is excellent and the videos that follow this section are very helpful. I am excited incorporate what I have learned into my practice. I had previously taken the online core confidence program and started using those techniques in my practice immediately. I am seeing quicker results in my patient population. I often do community talks with expectant moms and newly postpartum moms and feel like I have so much more information to bring to the table. I highly recommend this course! Thank you to Bellies Inc for all that you do. Rated 5 out of 5"

- Alana Coady

Your Instructor

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Julia Di Paolo is a and mom of two boys and registered pelvic floor physiotherapist and founder of PhysioExcellence. Her practice is focused on pre-conception, pre-natal, intra-partum (labour and delivery), post-partum and all types of pelvic floor dysfunction at any stage of a woman’s life.

Julia has established herself as the go-to physiotherapist in Toronto for pelvic health and recovery from diastasis rectus abdominis and has created and teaches courses on diastasis rectus abdominis, for personal trainers, allied health professionals, and pelvic health physiotherapists. She has been a guest lecturer for the Physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. She has presented on DRA and the pelvic floor at the Association of Ontario Midwives Annual Conference, the Canadian Association of Midwives annual conference, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association Annual Conference, Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) international conference and the Canadian Personal Trainer Network (CPTN) conference. She has been interviewed for the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Canadian living and has appeared as a guest expert on the CBC tv show The Goods.


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