Women's Pelvic Floor Health & Fitness Certification

Learn how to train women safely and effectively through all life's stages with advanced knowledge of the core and pelvic floor

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Be the Expert Women Trust

You're a health or fitness professional and you want to be the in-demand pelvic floor  expert women trust to help them work their body in ways that can help prevent and heal common core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti.

Right now, you know...

Diastasis Recti exists - but do you know how to tell if someone has it (or what to do about it if they do)? You should..
A bit about the pelvic floor, but maybe it is only 'do your Kegels!' (which is not always the right answer, unfortunately.).
That women are likely to develop incontinence as they age but do you know why or that while common, it isn't normal?
Many women struggle with back pain and a chronic tummy bulge after babies but are unsure what to do.
Women want to feel strong but are avoiding certain movements and you would like to know why and what to do to help.

"This course was jam packed with information..."

"Being a mother of three, a post menopausal woman and a Personal Trainer with 20+ years experience I found so much value to this course. Kim goes above and beyond offering relevant information that is rarely covered in traditional courses I have taken. I taught pre/post natal, mom's and babies classes for years and wish I had this much to offer at the time. Overcoming pelvic issues of my own I have always wanted to offer more to my aging population of clients. Now I feel more equipped to do that other than just kegels. Thanks Kim!"

- Kristy Franklin

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And you want...

A better understanding of what Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor dysfunction really are.
Knowledge about what movement practices help guide women to better core health and fitness so they can live better and with confidence at any life stage.
An awareness of how to evaluate the safety of an exercise and if it is appropriate for your client.
Knowledge on who needs core retraining and how to assess and progress your clients regardless of their stage of life.
Finally, because we have included everything from the Core Confidence Specialist course you will have a full library of exercises that you can use with your female clients for life. Exercises that will promote a functional pelvic floor, a strong and sexy midsection and all without the common challenges women think are normal after having a baby.
A bigger library of exercises that are diastasis and pelvic floor friendly (hint...it's not always about the exercise but about the execution - we teach you all that in the course).

"...What an amazing foundation of information, education, tools, resources, and research to help those that need it most. I am so excited for this next chapter"

"As a mother of three, sports/fitness professional, former collegiate athlete, and someone who has struggled with pelvic floor dysfunction since my teen years, I cannot say enough about Kim and all that she has to offer. I am so THANKFUL that I stumbled across her account several years ago searching for help with my own health. After completing several of her challenges, taking her Kegel Mojo program, and seeing day-in and day-out how the women around me (both in my personal life and the clients that I worked with) were also struggling with similar issues, I knew that I wanted to be able to help those struggling with core dysfunction as well. I wanted to not only bring awareness to this grossly underserved area in women's health but to also educate, coach, and empower women to take charge of their pelvic health. Normalize their experience, give them hope for improvement, and challenge the standard of care (or lack of) in our society. As I began this journey, I was invited to share my experience at our local TEDx talk (TEDx IndianaStateUniversityWomen https://youtu.be/uIFC5fKs7Aw ). In my speech I reference "a woman in Canada who specializes in core retaining" who changed my life... that's Kim!). Now after taking this course as professional, I feel truly equipped to move forward with my mission of helping the woman around me. What an amazing foundation of information, education, tools, resources, and research to help those that need it most. I am so excited for this next chapter -- thank you!"

- Stephanie Bertoli

Get the skills you need to set yourself apart from the rest and train your female clients so they can have core confidence for life!

Become a Core Confidence Specialist!

If you train women, this course is a must! It is essential learning in our opinion.
Over 80% of women become pregnant and give birth at some point in their life. Even if you don't train pregnant women or new moms, you need to know how pregnancy, birth and life affect the female core and pelvic floor.
If you DO train women who become or may become pregnant, we highly recommend you take our more comprehensive course, the Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist Course - it is everything in the Core confidence Specialist Course PLUS the additional content on pregnancy, training for birth and postpartum recovery.
Incontinence affects 1 in 3 women and most don't know that it is highly treatable without drugs or surgery!
Pelvic organ prolapse affects over 50% of women but most don't know they have it and may be choosing movement that increases the chances of the prolapse worsening. You can be the one to help them manage, improve and even eliminate their prolapse symptoms!
We promote collaboration and work closely with birth professionals, pelvic floor physiotherapists and women's health professionals. We teach you how to build a women's wellness collaborative that truly sets your clients up for success. When you can help a client ditch the pads you will have a client for life!


This course is approved for 4 CECs with canfitpro, 10 CECs with AFAA, 16 with BCRPA, 1 CEU with NASM, 5.6 with CATA and 1.6 CEU's with NESTA.

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You'll gain a solid understanding of...

Anatomy AND the function of the true inner core. It's SO much more than the abs and low back!
What Diastasis Recti is, how to assess for it holistically (hint...it is more than just the gap) and what exercises will help heal the abdominal wall as a whole.
The many functions of the pelvic floor - most are surprised to learn all that it does and why it is key to so many aspects of our lives!
How Pregnancy Birth and Life affect the Core. While this is not a pre/postnatal cert, if you train women, the majority have been or will be pregnant so you need to know this!
How exercise can both help and hinder things like incontinence, organ prolapse, back pain and diastasis recti. Move your clients better and more effectively towards their goals.

"Excellent course with relevant and useable information..."

"...for my classes that I will incorporate. My specific area of interest and focus now is menopause and all of this is so important as its never too late to have core confidence!"

- Lisa Cenedese


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Hear What Others Have To Say...


I highly recommend this course!

"I completed this course today and it was just what I needed to help develop better treatment plans for my clients. I am a pelvic floor physiotherapist working with women during pregnancy, postpartum and into menopause. I felt that I had a good understanding of the anatomy and function of the core but I struggled with how to assess with movement and how to progress exercises appropriately. This course has really helped me to put programs together more effectively. I started to implement some of the exercises right away and I am seeing results in my clients. I love the videos that are part of the lessons, particularly the anatomy overview. I highly recommend this course and I look forward to doing more in the very near future!"

- Alana Coady

Your Instructor

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Kim Vopni is a self-professed pelvic health evangelist and is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a certified fitness professional who became passionate about spreading information on pelvic health when she was pregnant with her first child.

Kim is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc - a company offering pelvic health programs and coaching for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. She is also a co-founder of Bellies Inc (now sold) which designs and manufactures the patented Ab System for pregnant women. She created the Core Confidence Specialist Certification with her previous co-founders at Bellies Inc and continues to certify fitness and allied health professionals through live and online courses. She is the founder of Kegels and Cocktails™ - a women’s health event designed to empower and educate women on the importance of pelvic health.

She is a published author, a passionate speaker and women’s health educator as well as a mom to two boys. Kim has been seen on The Social and featured in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Family, Today's Parent, BC Living Magazine, and Optimyz Magazine.

"Thorough and informative!..."

"Not only can I now help my clients feel confident with their core, but I, myself, have gained confidence in knowing how to best help and support them along that journey. I feel better equipped to address specific needs and concerns with regards to core function and have already integrated several aspects into my current training. I am excited to share this with many more. Thank you!"

- Laura Dobbin


"...Why are we not talking about this more, so important!!"

"I am 15 years postpartum. My eldest just turned 18. I wish I had this knowledge pre-childbirth and postpartum. We do not have a good postpartum care in this country (Australia) My SUI is getting worse heading into peri menopause. But in one 20min lecture I now understand why even Yoga and some sexual positions increase the stress urinary incontinence for me. This information should be taught in schools! I feel we have a long way to go. But all women should have access to this information. Knowledge is power. Why are we not talking about this more, so important!! Thank you team!"

- Seonaid Boyle

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  • Introduction - 4 lessons
  • Core Anatomy Function - 4 lessons
  • The Diaphragm - 2 lessons
  • The Pelvic Floor - 6 lessons
  • The Transversus Abdominis - 3 lessons
  • The Multifidus - 2 lessons
  • Other Core Muscles - 3 lessons
  • Common Causes of Core Dysfunction - 1 lesson
  • Common Types of Core Dysfunction - 15 lessons

Curriculum Con't

  • Assessments - 16 lessons
  • Releasing Non Optimal Strategies - 9 lessons
  • Return to Fitness - 27 lessons
  • FAQ and Summary - 1 lesson
  • Business - 1 lesson
  • Exam and Case Study