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Gaynor Morgan opened C&G Medicare Ltd in 2006 in loving memory of her mother Carole.

Carole suffered for years with stress incontinence despite having had five successful years post-op TVT. Finding no adequate solution to the problem, mother and daughter worked together using their nursing expertise to develop the first IncoStress prototype.

Following Carole’s tragic death in 2004, Gaynor continued the quest and focused on developing the pessary Incostress and IncoLite further to help women who suffer from stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The clinical trials showed that 30% of women came off the waiting list for surgery, and 84% had improved incontinence issues. The incostress was further tested with Dr. Bruce Crawford, a board-certified urogynaecologist and founder of Pfilates exercise program for incontinence and prolapse. The results showed a 98% improvement.

With the efficacy of Incostress, Gaynor went on to open up her own pessary manufacturing company and also became Europe’s largest pessary distributor. Here, IncoLite and Bellecup were further developed and produced.

Gaynor is respected by key opinion leaders in the pelvic health field for her tenacity in continuing to raise awareness and signpost women to the right places to find the proper treatment for their needs.

The turn of Brexit and the pandemic forced Gaynor to close her company and gave way to new horizons, where is now focused on training.

Combining her skills from the last 25 years as a pessary expert, certified personal trainer, breathing coach, Science of stretching instructor and qualified teacher, she set out to create Pelvic Angel and educational platform for both medical professionals and patients to find various courses run by herself and other leading professionals to bring about the best training and educational resources to those in the field of pelvic health.

A leading pessary expert, Gaynor trains clinicians and physicians in pessaries from the basics to how to manage patients with severe complications involving pessary use.

She is also an advisor to some of the worlds leading pessary manufacturers and consults for the women’s health side of a major medical company.

Gaynor has created a pessary catalogue which features all pessaries and gives this out to the professionals who attend her courses. She has also created a condensed version for patients so that they can discuss options with their own medical advisors.

Gaynor is vice president of the European Women’s Innovator and Inventors Network (EUWIIN), which is part of the Global Women’s Innovation and Invention Network (GWIIN), where she advises and speaks at events helping other inventors who are looking to bring products to market.


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Awards won

2019 Double Platinum awarded winner for the work carried out helping women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence issues at the Global Women's Inventors & Innovators Network

2015 BIS (British Invention Show)  Gold medal for best con

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