Bellyfit and Sacred Feminine with Alice Bracegirdle

bellyfit between two lips feminine Feb 20, 2024

Founder & CEO, Bellyfit® Enterprises Inc.

Alice is a global leader and influencer in the world of women's holistic fitness, and has enhanced the lives of countless thousands with her uniquely Feminine movement fusion. As an exhausted, disempowered single mother of a baby girl 22 years ago, she had an awakening and realized the importance of all women being connected to their innate Feminine energy in order to heal and be truly empowered. By combining her many years in the fitness industry with her professional belly dance experience and her yogic up-bringing, she created a fusion style of movement called Bellyfit®, designed specifically for the female body that’s being taught and enjoyed by thousands of women around the world. Alice is now happily married, the star of over 40 female focused workout videos, a devoted homemaker and a sought after presenter and speaker. She continues to inspire and motivate women of all ages and sizes to move in a way that makes them feel amazing and helps them connect with and express the beautiful, powerful Feminine energy that lives within.


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