Better Sleep, Better Pelvic Health?

Better Sleep, Better Pelvic Health?

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Tierney Gunthorpe has been a physiotherapist for over 17 years, and during this time, she has always worked in private practice. She obtained her Bachelor of Science In Physical Therapy from Queen's University in 2005 and then her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy in 2012 from Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

Since she became a physio, she doesn't just focus on your area of pain; she identifies and corrects the root cause. She believes in whole-client treatment, giving you an all-around treatment approach that has better results than just treating the symptoms.

And when she started to have her own sleep issues after she stopped nursing her son during the night, she wanted to find out why she was having sleeping issues and not just take sleeping pills.

She hated the women she was becoming - impatient, cranky, short-tempered, tired all the time, inability to do her job well, so she knew she had to change.

So, after taking several courses in sleep, reading and researching sleep, she became a sleep coach after she fixed her sleeping issues as she realized that there is a huge gap between the healthcare system in sleep.

Sleep is the foundation of our health. We break down our bodies during the day and repair them at nighttime.

She cares about her clients and provides an individualized approach to your sleep issues. She takes the time to listen to your story, do a full assessment to completely understand your problem and the root causes, and identify core areas to focus on in order to improve your sleep quality.

There is no greater satisfaction than helping someone wake up rested with a clear mind, feeling good to take on another good day.

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