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Cancer Saved My Life - Emilee Garfield

between two lips cancer May 18, 2023

Emilee Garfield, author of Reclaim Your Strength and Hope: Exercises for Cancer Recovery is a two time cancer survivor who teaches movement as medicine to women worldwide through her on-line courses and in her studio in Santa Barbara, California as well as teacher trainings, retreats and workshops.


She’s a nationally certified Pilates teacher, movement educator, founder of Cancer Core Recovery® Method, a New Life Story®️ and Quantum Living Life Coach, CEO of her 501(3)(C) non-profit organization The Cancer Core Recovery Project serving women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. .


Emilee’s mission: to educate professionals and help other women in cancer recovery have a better quality of life.


Emilee’s journey has led her on a path of deeper healing and helps other women heal their inner trauma from childhood. As a Facilitator and mentor of The Art of Quantum Living and its transformational 21-day Quantum Living Process she helps weave together the latest research emerging from neurobiology, developmental psychology, quantum theory, the science of the heart, shadow formation, somatic intelligence, memory reconsolidation, self-compassion, the power of myth and story along with transpersonal wisdom to offer a powerful path to personal evolutionary transformation. Emilee teaches  the Quantum Living self-regulation tools along with “aware-apy” exercises and techniques designed to reduce anxiety, foster a raised degree of self-awareness, emotional resilience, and the ability for increased self-fulfillment as well as embodying positive change.


Connect with Emilee at the following links:

www.emileegarfield.com and www.cancercorerecoveryproject.org





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