Does That Kegel Chair Really Work? with Dr Sinead Dufour

between two lips kegel chair Sep 19, 2023

Dr. Sinéad Dufour is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Health Science at McMaster University.  She teaches and conducts research in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Science.  She completed her MScPT at McMaster University (2003), her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science at Western (2011), and returned to McMaster to complete a post-doctoral fellowship (2014). Her current research interests include: conservative approaches to manage pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy-related pelvic-girdle pain, and interprofessional collaborative practice models of service provision to enhance pelvic health and pain care.  Sinéad stays current as a pelvic health physiotherapist through her practice at The World of my Baby (the WOMB), a company in which is a partner.  Sinéad is an active member of several organizations charged with optimizing perinatal care and pelvic health and has led and contributed many clinical practice guidelines to improve care provision.  Sinéad is also a sought out expert to speak at conferences around the world and currently consults with several companies that focus on pelvic health and perinatal care such as FIFA Women's Football, Lansinoh, and Urospot.  Her passion for optimizing perinatal care and promting pelvic stemmed from her own experience becoming a mother of twins.


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