Podcast on how heat light and vibration can transform your pelvic floor

How Heat, Light and Vibration Can Transform Your Pelvic Floor

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Named one of Inc. Magazines Top 100 Female Founders of 2020, Courtion is a distinguished and award-winning consumer marketer, inventor (21 issued patents), and femtech leader who is revolutionizing the $600 billion dollar menopause market with Joylux—the leader in at-home medical devices, personal care products and digital tools for menopausal women experiencing vaginal and sexual health issues.

With over 20 years of cross-functional expertise leading consumer product, retail, and medical device companies, she is known as a category creator in the emerging health and wellness space. Prior to founding Joylux and her other two skincare-related start-ups, she was a marketing executive with Starbucks responsible for launching and growing the Starbucks Card and Customer loyalty program into a multi-billion-dollar business.

Courtion and her companies have earned numerous accolades, including the AARP Innovation Lab’s Women’s Health Award (2021), Angel Capital Association’s Most Innovative Company (2019), Best Product of the Year (2003) for Starbucks Duetto Card from Business Week, Top 15 Women of Influence (2009) in Seattle and Top 40 Under 40 leaders (2006) in Seattle from Puget Sound Business Journal.


Joylux is a leading menopausal platform company offering high-tech home-use medical and wellness devices, digital tools, and products that address menopause-related intimate health concerns such as incontinence, vaginal dryness, sexual function, hot flashes, and other common symptoms. Their hero product is the vFit/ vSculpt device – the first home-use device clinically-validated to improve genitourinary syndrome of menopause using photobiomodulation technology. Joylux products are sold in over ten countries around the world under the brands Joylux, vFit, vSculpt, Cooling Care, and HER Intimate Care. Their mission is to help women find delight in their lives through all phases of menopause.

To get your own vFit (in the USA), click here

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