Understand Your Thyroid With Dr Amie Hornaman

between two lips thyroid Feb 13, 2024

Meet Dr. Amie Hornaman, aka "The Thyroid-Fixer." She's not your ordinary doc – she's your guide to a vibrant, kick-ass life in the world of medicine and alternative health.

Dive into her chart-topping podcast, "The Thyroid Fixer™," where people from all corners of the globe gather for health secrets and wisdom.

Dr. Amie is the mastermind behind and founder of The Fixxr™ Supplement Line, designed to tackle weight loss hurdles, fatigue, low libido, hormone imbalances, and more, they're your secret weapon for a life upgrade.

Dr. Amie knows the frustration of feeling misunderstood in the medical world. She's been there. During her NPC figure competition days, her own body rebelled against her, leading to endless misery, misdiagnoses, and bad treatments. That's when she decided to be the hero she wished she had.

She's not just another functional guru; she's your partner in health. Dr. Amie takes your hand and guides you to answers nobody else has given you. With personalized treatment plans and a sharp focus on optimizing your thyroid and hormones, she sees you as a unique individual, not just a set of lab numbers. She dives deep into all the factors causing thyroid issues and symptoms, and guess what? She fixes you up so you can be the badass human you were born to be.


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