Understanding Your Yoni with Suzi Zobrist

between two lips understanding your yoni yoni Sep 26, 2023

SUZI ZOBRIST (she/her)

Sacred Pelvic Care + Ceremonial Bodywork


Suzi is a Womb Wisdom Keeper, Pelvic Care Practitioner, Sexological Bodyworker, & Yoga Teacher.


Suzi was initiated into Womb Healing Work after suddenly losing her womb to ovarian cancer at age 30.  After a radical hysterectomy that left her totally numb and disconnected from her womanhood & pelvic space, Suzi became an apprentice to her own womb healing path.


After years of feeling gray in her sensuality, turn on & womanhood, she finally started to feel entirely alive again. Her zest for life returned as she gained an understanding of how to heal, release & surrender to her own pain & pleasure.


Suzi is a skilled Pelvic Care Practitioner & Mentor who brings her extensive knowledge of yoga, bodywork, ritual, sexuality & ceremony into her work. She will carefully guide you on the journey of coming back into the power & pleasure that lives in your body.


You can find Suzi on Instagram @suzizobrist and leading SACRED BODY SCHOOL, where she supports you into the physical, emotional & spiritual realms of being wildly turned on & alive in your everyday life. Suzi is also available for immersive 1:1 sessions, please be in touch to begin your journey deeper into who you are. www.rootmedicinehealing.com


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