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Dr. Vicki Hemmett, DC grew up in Southwest Ontario. She attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, earning a dual degree; a Bachelor of Science in premed sciences and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Health and Education (BPHE). Through these studies she discovered her desire to pursue chiropractic medicine as a career.  Dr. Vicki attended National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL and earned another Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She met and later married fellow classmate, Dr. Erik Hemmett, DC, and they decided to return to his native state, Vermont upon graduation in 2002. They purchased an existing practice in Williston, Vermont and began to gradually transform it into the amazing practice Hemmett Health that they currently manage in South Burlington, Vermont.


Dr. Vicki was always drawn to women’s health; particularly pregnancy-related orthopedic care. Early in her career, Dr. Vicki reached out to many local OBGYN practices and made a great connection with the largest OBGYN practice in the state, Maitri Healthcare for Women. Together they developed a collaborative referral network serving the orthopedic needs of their patients.


In 2008 after moving her practice from Williston to Eastern View Integrative Medical Building in South Burlington, Dr. Vicki was introduced to female pelvic floor health and the need for providers to serve these women. She was drawn to the magnitude of the problem, the suffering and lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment options for these women. She began researching the literature and learning everything she could on the anatomy, neurology, diagnostic techniques, and treatment options for the female pelvic floor and dysfunctional conditions like fecal and urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, prolapse and low back pain.


The literature showed that there was a void in safe and effective treatment options for these female pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Vicki drew upon her palpation experience, her chiropractic joint manipulative skills and her curious and innovative mindset to develop, Pelvic Power Release, a truly unique diagnostic and treatment protocol to address both spastic and weakness components of the pelvic floor. Over the next decade, Dr. Vicki was able to diagnose, treat and heal hundreds of women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction safely and effectively.  She developed an extensive collaborative medical referral network serving the patient needs of OBGYNs, PCPs, colorectal surgeons, midwives, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and chiropractors throughout Vermont.


Dr. Vicki was privileged to co-lecture with Dr. Jennie Lowell, MD, OBGYN from Maitri Healthcare for Women at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. She taught the OBGYN residents musculoskeletal anatomy and function, as well as palpation techniques to empower them to make a great patient referral to a pelvic floor provider.

This ongoing experience fosters her love of teaching and her desire to bring female pelvic floor dysfunction, commonly known as the “silent epidemic”, into the mainstream. She continues to seek to try to normalize pelvic floor therapy


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