Foot Health and Pelvic Health with Natalie Headdings

between two lips foot health pelvic health Feb 14, 2024

Natalie Headdings, known as Trainer Natalie on social media, is a prenatal & postnatal exercise specialist, natural movement educator, and host of The Resource Doula Podcast. Through her own journey with movement and background in clinical exercise physiology, Natalie has developed a method for restoring natural movement, improving pelvic floor symptoms, and empowering people to move more freely.

She aims to make movement more fun and accessible for everyone, especially parents who are busy and who have realized there's a whole bunch of stuff they didn't tell you your pelvic floor, and how to correctly train your core, what to do if you're leaking when you lift or laugh, and how to recover well from pregnancy and birth.

Her history in teaching Pilates and doula work led her to learn that there's so much we can do preventatively and restoratively through exercise for things like pelvic pain, diastasis recti, incontinence, and other common aches and pains that come with the demanding job of motherhood. Through The Resource Doula Podcast and in-person events, she provides information to help families make more informed choices about their health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Natalie lives in Palmer, Alaska with her husband Micah, and when she's not podcasting or teaching, you can be sure to find her wearing minimal shoes and probably talking about sourdough and birth options.


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