Navigating Rectal Prolapse After Childbirth with Lena Watt

between two lips childbirth rectal prolapse rectal prolapse after childbirth Jul 05, 2023

I am a Yogi, Moon Goddess and Kitchen Witch at heart. I move cyclically and connect deeply to the Earth and the seasons within me and around me. I honor the moon and live by her magic, wisdom and light. I am a Yoga Therapist, Somatic Movement Guide, Reiki Healer, Energy Worker, Circle Guide, Retreat Leader, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and a lifelong learner.  I value the sacredness of life and try to sprinkle ritual into my daily life. Sharing some of these rituals with others explodes my heart, just as much as moving, breathing and connecting with community in circle. I hold space for people to come back to themselves, their heart, their centre, their inner wisdom and inner compass. To allow people to feel seen and heard and create a safe and supportive place where they can share, surrender and heal. I work primarily with women, teaching ancient wisdom through practical, embodied practices in our modern world. Hoping to help unveil the innate knowing that we are all ENOUGH, we are all WHOLE and COMPLETE exactly as we are, we are all ONE, we are all LOVE.


This is more general, if you think its too big or too small just let me know I have like 5 different ones. I am also happy to add a bit more about pelvic health and some specific things I do and offer.


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