Pelvic Floor Friendly 5 min Plyometric Workout

explosive get stronger movements pelvic floor pelvic floor friendly plyometric workout youtube Mar 03, 2022

If you’ve heard the term plyometric before, it’s likely been associated with jumping movements like box jumps. But plyometrics actually applies to any exercise or activity that is short, fast, and explosive, allowing you to generate maximum force in the muscle in the shortest period of time.

Explosive movements are so good for our heart and muscles but they can feel 'off limits' when dealing with pelvic floor challenges.

We CAN still do hard things and plyometrics IS possible.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises have long been considered the first-line therapy for stress urinary incontinence in women. Pelvic floor muscle deconditioning (weakness, poor endurance, poor coordination) has been associated with stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, anal incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

I use fitness and movement to help women and vagina owners prevent and overcome pelvic floor challenges like incontinence and organ prolapse.  It is also helpful for pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause!

A plyometric program is effective in restoring and maintaining pelvic floor fitness.

This short but intense workout will leave you breathless and sweaty and feeling empowered! It will also benefit the pelvic floor. We need to load our muscles in order for them to get stronger and to improve.

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