12 Days of Christmuff by Vagina Coach

Merry Christmuff 2022 to You!

castor oil packs christmuff intimate rose joylux julva pelvic floor health perifit products uresta pessary Dec 15, 2022

The holiday season is upon us, and in the past, I have done a sort of exercise advent for the 12 days of Christmuff. This year from Dec 1 – 12, I sent a newsletter each day with a new device or product or program. Everything I feature is something I use myself to help me maintain my pelvic health.

For those who are not yet on my newsletter list, I'd like to share a few of these favourites. Perhaps you can add some of these to your wish list or treat yourself.

Some of the links are affiliate links, but I want to assure you that I only promote what I truly believe in and use myself. The money earned from affiliate links helps support the free content I put out through my social media channels. 

Thank you for your support. Merry Christmuff!

The VFit (known as the VSculpt in Canada) is by Joylux, which offers a platform of life-changing solutions with high-tech devices, digital tools, and products that address menopause-related health concerns. The company's mission is to help women find delight in their lives through all phases of menopause. The VFit helps promote stronger pelvic floor muscles, improves lubrication, helps increase sensation and can decrease the sensation of laxity. It uses red light energy, sonic vibration, and infrared heat to improve the muscles and tissues of the vagina. The vibration can help with relaxation, or if you do your Kegels while the vibration is on, you can heighten the recruitment of the muscles. 

If you don't already know or follow my friend, Dr. Anna Cabeca, I highly recommend you stop what you are doing and head over to her site right now. She has worked with thousands of women and has created some amazing products. The Julva is an intimate wellness cream made with DHEA that helps rejuvenate vaginal tissue and restore moisture. It can play a role in helping bladder control and can improve skin elasticity and tightness. I love this product and use it several times a week to maintain my overall vulvar health.

When I was going through perimenopause and autoimmune issues, my Naturopath recommended castor oil packs to me. I love natural remedies, but it was so messy! Then I met Dr. Marisol, also known as The Queen of The Thrones, and I can use a castor oil pack every night without the mess! Her product is the only one of its kind that I know of....and it is amazing! I love castor oil packs for supporting liver function, help with constipation, and with hormones...you name it!

Sometimes, even with all of the right exercises, some women need a little extra support during a run or higher-intensity exercise. Uresta is a pessary that goes into the vagina, similar to a tampon, but it is not absorbent. It gently presses against the vaginal wall to close the urethra and prevent urine from coming out when not wanted. You can still pee with it in, which makes it very convenient. It is made of medical-grade resin and is reusable. It is also available in 5 sizes, and you can get a discount on the starter kit by using code VaginaCoach20Off at checkout.

I recommend this to people who have tried everything, are awaiting surgery, or need a little extra support during exertion. This will not cure incontinence and is something that can be worn while people are focused on treating the problem with exercise, diet, and lifestyle work.

On Day 5, I discussed Vaginal Estrogen with a shout-out to my friend and colleague Shirley Weir, Founder of Menopause Chicks. Here Is the Full Post

Two years ago, I had a rectocele repair. One of the common side effects that go along with pelvic surgery is painful sex. It happened to me. One thing that played a big role in helping me overcome painful sex was a pelvic wand from Intimate Rose. Dr. Amanda Olson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the pelvic floor and has created an amazing lineup of products for pelvic health.

Here is a coupon code with you so you can enjoy a discount on your order. Use code KIM13 at checkout to save $5 on your order.

Have you ever played video games with your pelvic floor? 

It is a sure way to build up the coordination of your muscles! The Perifit is one of my fav pelvic floor exercise devices.  I like the shape, the feel, and the app.  Yep - it connects to an app that allows you to monitor your progress and see what your muscles are doing through biofeedback. The Perifit can help you see when you contract, how long you can hold your contraction and if you can let it go fully. I still believe in coordinating pelvic floor muscle training with whole body movement, but the benefits of biofeedback training with the Perifit is a great complement.

I hope you find these products useful in optimizing your pelvic floor health, and if you don’t want to miss any upcoming promotions or news, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.