28-day buff muff challenge and loving life

28 Days to a Healthier Happier Pelvic Floor and Loving your Life!

28 day buff muff challenge bladder leaks body confidence incontinence love your life pelvic floor pelvic health solve the problem Jun 27, 2022

Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women, but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal.

As women, we want to prioritize our pelvic health and not accept common challenges like incontinence and prolapse or painful and unsatisfying sex.

They are NOT part of being a woman!

Welcome to the 28-Day Buff Muff Challenge

I designed this program to be easy to follow and fit into your day. Think of this program as your pelvic floor exercise and your core workout. The pelvic floor is part of the core, and when it works alongside the other core muscles, it is a beautiful thing.

When you have a fit and functional pelvic floor, the benefits are many! The symptoms mentioned above will be less bothersome or not even an issue!

Taking this challenge, your abs will be stronger, and your midsection will be toned yet supple. Your confidence will soar, and your fitness level will increase.

You deserve body confidence, and it all starts with the pelvic floor! 

The challenge is housed in the Buff Muff App and can be purchased for one month or as part of the Buff Muff Membership, which gives you full access to everything on the App.

This app-based challenge (iPhone or Android phones) will change the way you work out for the better and set you on the path of habitual pelvic floor fitness - all in 28 days (or less!). 

Over 4000 women have completed the challenge and have eliminated the cost and bother, and shame of pads (that do nothing to solve the problem!) 

The 28-Day Challenge and Buff Muff Membership

I recommend checking out my comprehensive pelvic health education and fitness programs on my Buff Muff App. The most complete Pelvic Floor & Kegel exercise App to strengthen the pelvic floor.

The Buff Muff 28-Day Challenge (housed in the App) gets you started, and the Annual membership keeps you progressing so you can laugh, run, jump, and lift without the pesky leaks and annoying discomfort of prolapse symptoms.