Free Webinar Successful Pelvic Surgery

FREE WEBINAR - 6 Essential Steps to Ensure a Successful Pelvic Surgery

benefits free webinar pelvic surgery success risks steps for successful pelvic surgery Mar 31, 2022

Are you struggling with pelvic floor symptoms consuming your thoughts and interfering with your quality of life?

Are you considering surgery as an option?

Recently I wrote an article about my Pelvic Surgery Success program discussing my personal journey of deciding to have surgery for rectocele prolapse.

Too often, I have discovered, women feel depressed, anxious, and consumed by fear about surgery. I want them to be informed, confident and calm and able to put the nagging symptoms behind them and get back to living life with spontaneity and joy!

Being informed and educated is so important for women to make the best choice for their bodies. The purpose of the Pelvic Surgery Success program is to take away the shame and help support women in the decision-making period but more importantly, in the actual preparation and recovery phase.


That is why I am offering a free webinar to discuss the essential steps if you are considering whether surgery may be the right decision for you but need a little more discussion to answer questions and concerns.


Pelvic Surgery Success Program

Once you have watched the webinar you have to option to purchase the Pelvic Surgery Success Program. The original price is $397 and for those who have watched the webinar you have the opportunity to purchase the program for ONLY $247.00

What you will learn in the program

  • The reasons why people may choose surgery
  • Conservative treatment options to consider prior to surgery
  • How to find a good surgeon and questions to ask the ones you meet
  • Thorough explanations of the most common pelvic surgeries
  • Risks and benefits of each type of surgery
  • How to prepare your body for surgery – pre-hab
  • Recovery protocols for the first days, weeks and months – re-hab
  • Key pelvic floor exercises including hypopressives – a revolutionary core/pelvic floor training method.
  • Tips and advice from others who have had surgery so you can learn from their experience

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!