Baby Celebrations! Your "Out of the Box (or Belly)" Baby Shower Gift Guide

baby celebrations baby shower gifts doulas epi-no massage therapy out of the box pregnancy tea prenatal massage Jan 01, 2020

Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a tradition in many countries, including here in Canada. The exact details of the custom differ culturally, and I have even observed differences native to certain regions of Canada, but the general motivation is the same: to shower a new mother with gifts (usually onesies, baby washcloths and often advice) before or shortly after the birth of her child.

Baby showers are an exciting opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate new life, but sometimes choosing the right gift can be a challenge for guests.

Whether you are the “woman of the hour” or a friend/family member needing the perfect gift, we rounded up our top selections for some unique, practical and supportive gifts for Mom.

If this is your shower, forward this blog link to your friends and family! If you are attending a shower, you can conveniently order (most of) these products online – just be sure to allow time for delivery.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus

This is a great gift idea for a shower that takes place a month or more before a woman’s due date. The EPI-NO prepares a woman for childbirth by allowing her to get in touch with her pelvic floor prepare the muscles and reduce the likelihood of tearing – what every mom to be wants to avoid! 

The price can scare a few people off but the product is used before AND after the delivery and is good for 5 years so it is well worth the $197.00 investment.

Pregnancy Tea by Earth Mama

This red raspberry leaf tea is delicious and beneficial for pregnant moms. It can help ease the pains of labour and prepare the uterine wall for delivery. It is also high in essential nutrients for pregnancy. This makes a great, “Congratulations! You are pregnant!,” gift too.

Doula Services

This is like giving the gift of a gently supported birth. A trained doula is an integral part of a woman’s birth team, offering her knowledge, guidance and emotional encouragement prenatally, during delivery and in the delicate postpartum period.

This is a more expensive gift, so you can consider making it a group purchase.

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

Anyone who has experienced time with a massage therapist knows the value of this health care ritual.

You can offer a prenatal massage, which will soothe her muscles and prepare her body for childbirth. You may also consider a postpartum massage, which will aid in her healing process and give her some downtime away from baby, when she can focus on her own health.

A great option for postpartum is Maya Abdominal Therapy, offered to those in the Vancouver area through Touchroot Bodywork, but this unique service is also available elsewhere and practitioners can be found here.

“Prepare to Push” Consultation or Workshop

My “Prepare to Push” program is designed to offer women valuable childbirth education to best prepare their core for the big day. A woman’s core is the area of the body most affected by pregnancy and birth so knowing how to prepare and how to repair is key! 

In a one-on-one or group workshop format I lead women through a prenatal exercise that trains them for specific birth positions,  proper alignment and breathing and how to best support the core as it heals postpartum with the aim of preventing mummy tummy, incontinence, tearing, and organ prolapse.

I encourage you to think of the baby shower as an opportunity to provide practical support and guidance to a new mom. Instead of the standard, used-a-few-times-then-discarded onesie or bath towel, you can give the mom what she truly needs – the gift of confidence, reduced stress and better healing. 

A great Baby Shower Gift is my Buff Muff App. It teaches you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to movement. There is a ton of free content available to anyone who downloads the app including a 7-day pelvic floor fitness challenge to introduce you to the concept of a whole-body fitness approach to pelvic health. Once the free challenge ends you have the option to join the membership for ongoing support from me, your very own vagina coach. Check it out below...

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