Combo Kegels and Movement Exercises

Pack a Punch with Kegels and Movement Exercises

abdominals core and pelvic floor core breath hip adductor kegels movement pelvic floor muscle contractions May 15, 2022

Did you know that abdominal exercises and inner thigh exercises can help with overall pelvic floor function?

Did you also know that if you combine them WITH Kegels, it packs even more of a punch!

This study evaluated the electrical activities of the pelvic floor muscles in response to selected abdominal and hip adductor exercises, using a Kegel as a gold standard, to compare the efficacies of these maneuvers in pelvic floor muscles recruitment to guide their informed utilization as adjuncts for Kegel exercises.

The exercises included the typical Kegel exercise; two abdominal exercises (curl-up and abdominal hollowing); two hip adductor (inner thigh) exercises (adductor ball squeeze and auto-resisted hip adduction); and a combination of abdominal, hip adductor and pelvic floor muscle contractions (the combo).

Pelvic floor muscle activities were monitored via surface electromyography.

Here's what they found...

Generally, the pelvic floor muscles were statistically significantly most active during the combo trial, compared to other trials. Comparing the two abdominals, Kegels and combo trials, pelvic floor muscle activity was least during the curl-up contraction. On the other hand, Kegels elicited the lowest pelvic floor muscle activity when compared with the combo and two adductor trials.

I've been saying for years that while Kegels work when done correctly and consistently ...we can take it one step further and coordinate Kegels with movement. 

Enjoy this routine. In the exercise video, I talk about the Core Breath so you may want to watch this video prior to doing the exercises in the second video.

Core Breath - Kegels with the breath. Help for incontinence, prolapse & low back pain.

Here is the exercise video - Abs, Thighs and Pelvic Floor - Put them all together to help with incontinence, back pain, and prolapse.

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You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor!