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Free Masterclass for Post-op Recovery

constipation core and pelvic floor free webinar hysterectomy incontinence pelvic surgery positive outcome prolapse Aug 27, 2022

Are you struggling with pelvic floor symptoms that consume your thoughts and interfere with your quality of life?

Are you considering surgery as an option to feel like yourself again?

It is important to be educated on all that needs to be considered when it comes to pelvic surgery. Pelvic Surgery can be scary, but it can also be an incredible option that you may have been ashamed even to consider.

I know...I was there. 

I felt that even more because I am a pelvic health professional!  Shouldn't I be helping people NOT to need surgery?

Yes, I do that, but I also help people prepare for surgery when it is the best option or the chosen solution.  Even more important, I help them recover. 

'Don't lift anything heavy for 6 weeks' is not enough, and I believe a reason for a high recurrence rate is poor recovery and return to fitness guidelines. It is important to retrain the core and return to fitness slowly.

I've got you...everything you need!  I've been through it myself (successfully) and have helped hundreds do the same!

Free Masterclass for Post-op Recovery

In this presentation, I will give you the information you have been searching for and share the secrets that helped me have a successful pelvic surgery.  This 1-hour masterclass will save you so much time, money, stress, and worry!  You will walk away knowing what to ask, who to see, how to prepare and the essentials of optimal recovery.

Reasons you may be considering surgery...

You are experiencing symptoms of - 

Prolapse – prolapse can occur with the bladder, the uterus and/or the rectum.

Incontinence – any unwanted loss of urine at any time and any amount. So, if you are not sitting on the toilet, wanting to go pee, and urine comes out of you, that would be termed "incontinence."

Hysterectomy - when there is a prolapse of the uterus. A pelvic floor repair is suggested when a part of the vagina is prolapsing and causing bothersome symptoms.

Constipation - with constipation, you need to get to the source of the problem of constipation prior to surgery.

In my Free Masterclass for post-op recovery, you will get help with the procedures for surgery for Incontinence, Prolapse and Hysterectomy, calm the fears about surgery, and walk away with a positive outcome.

Thank you for signing up. See you soon!