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We are talking about Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Research indicates that up to 50% of women have some degree of Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse has been on medical record for nearly 4000 years, dating back to the Kahun Gynaecologic Papyrus circa 1835 B.C., yet remains shrouded in stigmatized silence because of embarrassing symptoms. Women in every country around the world experience POP, yet seldom understand what is occurring in their bodies.” (Sherrie Palm is the Founder/CEO of the Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support)

There is so much You Can do to -

  • Fix your prolapse. 
  • Fix your incontinence.
  • Fix your pain. 

You CAN overcome your pelvic floor struggles. Pelvic health is more than just 'do your kegels' and it is also something that can be a bit challenging to navigate without some guidance.

Kegel Mojo – Prolapse program is The Most Effective Way to Reduce or Eliminate Your Prolapse Symptoms. This program is designed to help you implement what you learn and also help you make pelvic floor exercise a priority. And the best part?

You can do this entire program from the comfort of your own home. You never have to step foot in a gym!

What is Kegel Mojo - Prolapse?

A complete online fitness and wellness program designed specifically for prolapse that you can access whenever you want, wherever you want, now and forever!

 The Kegel Mojo Prolapse program is a comprehensive pelvic floor fitness & Hypopressive Method exercise program.

You get lifetime access to instructional and educational videos, exercise videos, workouts, guest expert interviews, hypopressives and a meal plan. You can refer back to it whenever you like, and any time I update it with new information, you will get it.

Christine Matheson, ND, gives Kegel Mojo Prolapse a glowing review in her video testimonial.


Sometimes exercise feels inaccessible when we are dealing with prolapse symptoms, but exercise is beneficial for the pelvic floor...especially glute exercises! This is a sample of the workouts I have in my Buff Muff App

Prolapse Safe Lower Body Workout - Great for Glutes and Pelvic Floor!

The Buff Muff app is also for women who have NO SYMPTOMS and are looking to be proactive about their pelvic health so that they never get the common symptoms many women struggle with.

The 28-Day Challenge and Buff Muff Membership

I recommend checking out my comprehensive pelvic health education and fitness programs on my Buff Muff App. The most complete Pelvic Floor & Kegel exercise App to strengthen the pelvic floor.

The Buff Muff 28-Day Challenge (housed in the App) gets you started, and the Annual membership keeps you progressing so you can laugh, run, jump, and lift without the pesky leaks and annoying discomfort of prolapse symptoms.