Personal Coaching for Pelvic Health

Personal Coaching for your Pelvic Floor Health

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In many cities, there are simply not enough clinicians who specialize in pelvic health and muscle training.

I am a personal trainer and a menopause support practitioner (official in Feb 2023), as well as a passionate promoter of pelvic health. I use fitness and lifestyle coaching to help women prevent and overcome challenges like incontinence, organ prolapse, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, constipation, mood swings, weight gain and chronic back pain. 

Working with a coach — in any capacity — plays a role of accountability, support, and confidence building, and it's personalized to you, which I think is really helpful.

For Health and Fitness Professionals

If you are a health or fitness professional and you want to be the in-demand expert women trust to help them work their body to prevent and heal core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti, you have the opportunity to become a Certified Core Confidence Specialist. Learn how to train women safely and effectively through all stages with advanced core and pelvic floor knowledge.

Live Core Confidence Specialist Certification

I sometimes have the opportunity to teach this certification live in different locations. Check the website for any upcoming areas, or if you would like me to come to your city or state, please contact me and see if we can make it happen. In the meantime, you can look into my online training.

Online Training

 The training is available anywhere in the world ONLINE.


A must for any health or fitness professional….

"The pre-postnatal fitness specialist certification was such an amazing course. I work as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, and this gave me even more confidence and tools to use with all my pre-postnatal clients. I was able to use exercises and tips from this course within the first few days of starting it and have seen great results in my clients. I love Bellies Inc's motto of Prepare, Recover, and Restore. It's an easy model and process to follow for clients at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum. The textbook, Pregnancy Fitness, is a great guide for health/fitness professionals but also user-friendly and great for clients to use as well. I highly recommend this course to fellow PFPTs, personal trainers, and anyone working with pre/postnatal women. I truly feel any personal trainer or fitness specialist working with this population of women should be required to have this course." Stephanie Brown

Personal Coaching for Your Pelvic Health

I know what it's like to have a body, especially a pelvic floor, that consumes all of my thoughts, work, and personal life and how life-altering it can be. 

I also know that you can overcome your challenges. I have helped thousands of women, including myself, and I would love to help you too.

It’s so important to recognize that you're not alone in this journey. It makes you feel less alone, isolated and broken.

You deserve body confidence, and it all starts with the pelvic floor!

With our Buff Muff App, you can now have your very own personal coach for your pelvic health anywhere, anytime. The most complete Pelvic Floor and Kegel exercise App to strengthen your pelvic floor.

The Buff Muff App

The Buff Muff App includes essential education, an exercise library of the most effective movements, whole body workouts, meal plans, access to my vagina village - experts who are progressive and passionate - and a weekly LIVE coaching call with me! 

The 28-Day Challenge and Buff Muff Membership

I recommend checking out my comprehensive pelvic health education and fitness programs on my Buff Muff App. The most complete Pelvic Floor & Kegel exercise App.

The Buff Muff 28-Day Challenge (housed in the App) gets you started, and the Annual membership keeps you progressing so you can laugh, run, jump, and lift without the pesky leaks and annoying discomfort of prolapse symptoms.