Prolapse Safe Planks and Push-Ups

Prolapse Safe Planks and Push-ups

core breath core confidence program exercises for prolapse kegel mojo prolapse planks the buff muff app May 21, 2022

Many women are afraid to exercise when they have a prolapse. Truth be told, movement is essential, and NOT moving is worse for prolapse than exercise.

Exercising with prolapse is all about ensuring a good pelvic floor and core engagement without breath-holding.

These exercises are really good for postpartum recovery as a return to planks or anyone who is currently feeling a little uneasy with regards to doing planks or push-ups with prolapse.

This is great for anyone wanting to build up strength and resiliency in planks and push-ups, as well as people who have recently given birth and want to get back to more demanding exercise.

I recommend starting with my Core Confidence Program for the first 8 weeks postpartum and then progressing to this series of planks. After you have completed my Core Confidence Program, try these!

To be clear, planks are not dangerous. It is totally safe; we just want to be sure we can manage intra-abdominal pressure so that we can get good core activation.

It is not about an exercise being safe or not safe; it is about YOUR execution of the said exercise.

The foundation of the movements in these exercises, in the video below, includes the core breath, so I will include that video and recommend you watch it first before moving on to trying the various styles of planks.

I give you many options for planks and push-ups where you will add the core breath in a variety of positions depending on the level you are at.

Prolapse Safe Planks 

Start at the wall, and if easy and you can maintain your pelvic floor/core engagement, try the next hardest.

For each move, add the core breath and hold the pelvic floor engagement for 5 seconds and aim for 2 sets of 10-15 reps. Start at the wall and master your core control there before moving on. Next, move to the bench, master that and then the floor etc.

Core Breath Video 

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