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Now you can have access every day on your iPhone with Kim Vopni’s pelvic floor exercises, workouts, meal plans, exclusive interviews, and community all available in the Buff Muff App for iPhone!

  • Are you struggling with incontinence or uterine prolapse?
  • Are you looking for Kegel & pelvic exercises to tighten and strengthen your vagina?
  • Are you pregnant and looking for ways to train your body for labor and birth?

The Buff Muff App gives you everything you need to prevent and overcome incontinence and bladder prolapse.

Now you can have your favourite coach, Kim Vopni, right in your pocket! This is the all-in-one app for your pelvic floor. Everything you need to master your pelvic health.

Kim has helped thousands of women (including herself) learn how to do pelvic floor exercises, ditch the incontinence pads, eliminate their prolapse symptoms and get back to living life to the fullest!

See your progress every day!

The pelvic health workouts with professionally selected pelvic floor exercises & Kegel exercises show your bladder who is the boss. All the workouts included in the pelvic floor trainer guide strengthen your pelvic floor, increase the tightness, and help you tackle any symptoms.

Whether you want to work out along with Kim or pick the exercises of your choice, it’s all yours.

Educational Videos and Exercises

Unlike most Kegel trainers & pelvic health workout apps, the Buff Muff App dives deeper into women’s health issues. You can watch educational videos and exercises designed to help you relieve chronic pain, stop incontinence, recover from prolapse, and more!

28 Day Buff Muff Challenge

Do you have a hard time practicing pelvic floor health exercises?

Then join the 28-day Buff Muff challenge to train and strengthen your pelvic floor. This challenge helps you stay focused and motivated to combat uterine incontinence symptoms. Tackle Your Pelvic Floor Symptoms with a daily Pelvic Floor Workout For 4 Weeks.

Training for Labor and Birth

 Are you pregnant?

Join the “Birth Like a Boss Challenge” to train your body for Labor and Birth. Get your body ready for your Best Birth with a daily workout for 4 weeks. A 28-day program that applies the principle of specificity from fitness to labor prep. Pelvic floor focused, whole-body workouts to help you birth powerfully.

Meal plans to help your journey.

Compared to most pelvic floor fitness apps, the Buff Muff App gives you detailed meal plans to help you journey towards holistic women’s health.

Want to dive deeper into pelvic health issues?

Watch the exclusive interviews from world-class experts on pelvic health.

Join a Community.

We are also here to coach, motivate and support you in every step of your journey. Ask your questions and share your comments.

Get Instant Access to:

  • Pelvic Health 101 (pelvic floor exercise to improve your pelvic health)
  • ABC Challenge (alignment, breathing, and coordination for your pelvic floor)

The Buff Muff Membership includes:

  • Buff Muff Challenge (4 weeks of pelvic floor workouts)
  • Workouts (pelvic health exercises for everyday needs)
  • Exercise library (library of exercises for pelvic health)
  • Buff Muff meal plans (collection of 7)

The download of Buff Muff is free of charge. 

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