Improve Incontinence

Is it ever too late to improve incontinence?

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On June 23, 2022, during World Continence Week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Parents Canada about Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Health and How to do Kegels correctly. The information is current and important for all women with a vagina.

We answer questions on Incontinence, how common it is, what we can do if we have symptoms of incontinence and Kegels!

Here are some excerpts from the original article you can read HERE

It’s never too late.

The earlier you can begin strengthening the pelvic floor—ideally long before pregnancy—the better, but there’s no bad time to learn about your health and improve it!

Beginning Kegels at any age can prepare for the stages ahead and improve any current challenges. I encourage women at any age to educate themselves and seek help. No one has to suffer incontinence.

There is treatment and support available.

After menopause, around age 51, the pelvic floor muscles can further weaken when we no longer have circulating estrogen. The tissues in the vagina and around the bladder start to thin and become dry, which can contribute to pain and incontinence. If the pelvic floor never recovers after pregnancy, the risks are higher in menopause.

Many women, especially when pregnant, are told to “Do your Kegels!” but few are told or shown how to do them properly. The interpretation is often that it’s a squeeze. I see people tensing their core, or their thighs and butt cheeks, holding their breath, but that’s not correct. It involves an upward lifting motion, as well as a squeeze and then a relaxation.

You can take My Kegel Assessment to find out what your Kegel IQ is and if Kegels are right for your Situation! Anyone can take the Kegel Quiz on my website, which walks you through a Kegel and helps determine what shape your pelvic floor is in. Kegels are effective when done correctly and consistently. My coaching takes it one step further and coordinates Kegels with movement to mimic lifestyle and train your body to respond.

When conversations around incontinence are more common, women have the vocabulary and the confidence to ask the right questions, find a care provider and seek treatment.

The Buff Muff App

When you are ready, I recommend starting with the 28-Day Buff Muff Challenge through my Buff Muff App. The challenge begins on the 1st of each month. You get immediate access to education and a foundation exercise. Then on the 1st of the month, you will get a daily workout for 28 days that includes five exercises/day (with video to watch) and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Staying consistent will ensure your success! That is why we are offering a Buff Muff Membership to encourage long-term results & maintenance.

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