Post-Op Recovery Week 2 - Rectocele Repair - Prolapse Surgery

core confidence rectocele rectocele repair rectocele surgery Dec 29, 2020

All in all recovery from prolapse surgery has been easier than I had anticipated.  Sensations vary from day which means my emotions and anxiety does too!  Here is a recap of my second week post-op.

Pain and Discomfort
I was off pain meds at the start of my second week and I no longer had the pressure pain when I felt a bowel movement coming on.  I had stopped doing my sitz baths but added them back in later due to the discomfort in my perineum.  I have a couple spots that are really tender.  I also notice a pulling sensation when I sit in certain positions and when I wipe after a BM.  The stiz baths and red light therapy and polysporin have helped.

Walking and Restorative Exercise
I have been a bit more active - went for 3 decent walks this week.  After the first one I felt ready to sit and my vagina was a bit achey. I took the next day off and then did another one followed by a day of rest.  My pace was slower but it felt good to move and be out in the fresh air.

I am doing the Core Confidence Exercise Program for my recovery.  I initially designed it with my partners in Bellies Inc for postpartum recovery but we recognized its applicability to anyone needing to retrain their core.  I started with just breathing and visualizing my pelvic floor action in week 1 and then added in a few voluntary pelvic floor activations in week 2.  I also added in some pelvic tilts and bridges.  I usually do 1-2 sets of 10 in the morning and on occasion I would do another set later in the day.

It is too early to get a true assessment of the change in symptoms.  I do notice that I don't feel like there is something in my vagina when I bend or stand in certain positions but I do have other sensations in there now which I am attributing to the incision.  My poops come out straighter :-)

Intercourse is off limits for 6 weeks and I anticipate the first few times to be a bit uncomfortable.  I bought some CBD lube from Foria in anticipation :-).  

Thoughts and Emotions
I have up and down emotions.  Every little symptom has me thinking and analyzing (the down side of knowing too much) and I try to be patient and recognize I am still healing.  I of course question my decision daily and am hopeful that it will be a positive outcome in the end.  I viewed the surgery as an opportunity to best support my other organs given that a pessary was not in the cards for me prior to surgery.  My goals are to be able to use a pessary when/if needed, have pain-free sex and have at least a 50% improvement in the symptoms that were interfering with my life. Of course 100% elimination of symptoms is ideal but I know that may not be realistic.

Once I hit the 6 week mark I will be back using vaginal estrogen and will be seeing my physio around 8 weeks.  I will return to my full hypopressive workouts and will begin progressive loading of my glutes and legs along with release work.  I have definitely developed gripping tendencies over the last several years.

My word for 2021 will be soften.