Post-Op Recovery Week 3 - Rectocele Repair - Prolapse Surgery

post-op recovery rectocele rectocele repair rectocele surgery Dec 29, 2020

This week has been the hardest.  This week I have been obsessing about every little sensation and wondering if everything is ok?

Did I break it?

What was that?

Is it my bladder?

Have I done the right thing?

That is balanced out by me showing gratitude to my body and feeling like everything will be ok.

I have been up and I have been down.  Prolapse is an emotional f*cking roller coaster.

The Incision
The incision seems to be healing well (I can only see the outer part) and the tenderness has subsided.  It has now been replaced with a sense of fullness.  I feel my vulva and I don't love that.  Hoping that will continue to subside.  I have stopped with the polysporin and will soon be switching to Vital V from Moonmaid Botanicals.  Such a beautiful salve.

I also felt just a tiny bit inside and felt the stitches.  They haven't dissolved yet so many some of the sensations I am getting are from that?  Who knows.  I am just trying to be rational and calm and grateful. I want a positive outcome. I want to help ensure a positive outcome for others.

I am continuing with some rectocele physio therapy exercises and this week I added in the clam.  I am doing the core breath (kegels), bridges and the clam.  I have also been doing a few pelvic tilts and a prone hip extension really focusing on my glutes.

I went for 3 walks this week - one really long one and 2 moderate - about 40 mins. My pace is picking up a bit but I am being very careful no to overdo anything.  I am also very careful with my footing in the forest.

I have been doing a bit of stretching.  Sometimes it pulls on my perineal scar so I back off.  I miss some of my lower body stretches and yin yoga but I know I will return.

I am no longer using perineal herbs but I take a bath pretty much every night.  It is soothing to my body and it gets my body ready for bed. I add 1.5 cups of Epsom Salts to my bath now.

Food etc
I have not yet stopped with the stool softeners.  I want to stay on them until the stitches are gone.  I am very conscious of my water and fibre intake.  I also take magnesium.  

I have had a few symptoms from gas and needing to have a BM that were reminiscent of a symptomatic day with my rectocele.  I am hoping those will subside as I continue to heal and also while I continue to address my diet and optimize my gut health.

No Lifting
I have a husband and 2 sons who have been doing all the heavy lifting and housework.  I am very fortunate to have them. I am not doing major house work.  I put the odd load of laundry in or unpack groceries but no heavy lifting.  I am not lifting much except a put out of the cupboard maybe.  I am missing fitness and sweating and moving freely.  I am missing my hypopressives.  I do the odd apnea here or there and can't wait to get back.  I am grateful for my walks and looking forward to a regular routine again but am being patient and trusting the healing process.