Post-Op Recovery Week 4 - Rectocele Repair - Prolapse Surgery

Week 4 was definitely easier than week 3.  I was less stressed and stopped over-analyzing every little sensation.  My good friend and pelvic floor physio Julia reminded me that sensations are good - they are a sign that the body is adapting and healing.

I continue to be very intentional with my exercise and am following the Core Confidence Exercise Program with a few additional exercises added in.  Every morning and every evening I do 2 sets of 10-12 of all the following exercises

  • kegels in a supine, bent knee position 
  • pelvic tilts in a supine, bent knee position
  • bridges
  • clam
  • bent knee lift

I also do supine butterfly with support under my thighs, stacked butterfly (also called stacked cobbler), and a thoracic rotation pose.  I have done a few cat cow here and there too.

I do these in conjunction with my red light therapy as well. (I love my OrionLT light and you can get your own here...use code KVOPNI10 to save 10%).

I walk 3-4 times a week and...

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Post-Op Recovery Week 3 - Rectocele Repair - Prolapse Surgery

This week has been the hardest.  This week I have been obsessing about every little sensation and wondering if everything is ok?

Did I break it?

What was that?

Is it my bladder?

Have I done the right thing?

That is balanced out by me showing gratitude to my body and feeling like everything will be ok.

I have been up and I have been down.  Prolapse is an emotional f*cking roller coaster.

The Incision
The incision seems to be healing well (I can only see the outer part) and the tenderness has subsided.  It has now been replaced with a sense of fullness.  I feel my vulva and I don't love that.  Hoping that will continue to subside.  I have stopped with the polysporin and will soon be switching to Vital V from Moonmaid Botanicals.  Such a beautiful salve.

I also felt just a tiny bit inside and felt the stitches.  They haven't dissolved yet so many some of the sensations I am getting are from that?  Who knows.  I am just trying to be...

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Post-Op Recovery The first few days - Prolapse Surgery - Rectocele Repair

A week ago I had prolapse surgery to repair my rectocele.  You can ready about my decision to have surgery here .

Here is an account of my first 7 days post-op.

Day of Surgery
I had my surgery at about 1pm on Monday Dec 7th and was home by 4:30pm.  I was sent home with a catheter and some packing in my vagina.  I was also given some sexy hospital panties that were actually quite comfy and better than the mesh ones you get after giving birth. 

I was quite dopy and even felt a bit woozy in the car but managed to not barf.  I came home and went right to bed where I stayed for the rest of the day and night.  My husband brought me some bone broth which was comforting,

The benefit of the catheter is not having to get up to go to the bathroom but I could really only sleep on my back which I like for short periods of time so I found that I did not sleep all that well the first night.  I made sure to take my pain meds and stool softeners before I...

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