The Buff Muff App will take you from daily pads to Leak Free Living!

buff muff app community exercise programs incontinence meal plans organ prolapse pelvic health pelvic pain Dec 06, 2021

Despite what the media will tell you, light bladder leakage is NOT ‘just part of being a woman.’
Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women, but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal. So, if you are not sitting on the toilet, wanting to go pee, and urine comes out of you, that would be termed "incontinence."

Incontinence is any unwanted loss of urine at any time and any amount.

Organ Prolapse is the descent and eventual protrusion of an internal pelvic organ through the vagina or anus.

Chronic Back Pain or Pelvic Pain is referred to as Pelvic Girdle Pain. Pelvic girdle pain is often closely associated with low back pain, and low back pain is strongly correlated with pelvic floor dysfunction.

You deserve body confidence, and it all starts with the pelvic floor! 

The Buff Muff App is free to download and includes some essential education as well as a 7-day pelvic floor exercise challenge to introduce you to something beyond just 'do your Kegels.'


The optional monthly membership will blow your mind and truly transform your core and pelvic floor! You will get a variety of different workouts to choose from, delicious meal plans to help your whole-body health, guest expert interviews and, of course, the famous 28-Day Buff Muff Challenge.

On top of that, you will be part of a community where you can ask questions and seek support from your very own vagina coach!

There are some workouts with equipment and some without. I let you know in the title of each if you will need any equipment and how long the workout will be.

The workouts are easy and effective and incorporate the whole. You may even be able to give up your gym membership, or if you want to keep it, learn new ways to work out that will serve your pelvic health.

The 28-Day Challenge and Buff Muff Membership

I recommend checking out my comprehensive pelvic health education and fitness programs on my Buff Muff App. The most complete Pelvic Floor & Kegel exercise App to strengthen the pelvic floor.

The Buff Muff 28-Day Challenge (housed in the App) gets you started, and the Annual membership keeps you progressing so you can laugh, run, jump, and lift without the pesky leaks and annoying discomfort of prolapse symptoms.