Riding The Rollercoaster of Emotions – The Days Before Prolapse Surgery

I made the decision to have prolapse surgery in late October.  I announced it early November with a bit of apprehension…. But I felt so much love and support from my community.

I let the shame of deciding to have surgery go while at the same time witnessing that others feel that same shame.  I am hoping to help others navigate the decision so they too can drop the shame.

Of course I still questioned if my decision was the right one.  I felt anxiety build in my body.

When I feel anxious, I feel it in my chest.  It is like an ache.  My heart beats faster and harder and then I feel the ache grow because I am anxious about being anxious.

Does the ache mean something?  Is it my body telling me something?  Do I really want this? 

What if things are worse?  What if it is everything I want it to be?  What if?  What if?  What If?

Listening to the Chopra Meditation app I heard a saying that stuck with me…...

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Can I Do Kegels On My Period?

Can I Do Kegels On My Period? 

A Look at Pelvic Floor Exercise Throughout the Menstrual Cycle

While you may not feel like it, you absolutely can do kegels while on your period.  Your sense of motivation may be lower and your perception of ‘engaging’ the muscles may also be less but that doesn’t mean the muscles aren’t working.  Pelvic floor exercise may feel more or less effective depending on where you are in your cycle and if you are nearing menopause or past it.

The Menstrual Cycle

During menstruation (the follicular phase), estrogen and progesterone are relatively low but there is more estrogen relative to progesterone. Estrogen and testosterone are highest at ovulation and just after and then start to decline in the luteal phase followed by a drop in progesterone which starts the cycle once more.

During the first 14 days of the cycle the follicle is maturing and after the uterine lining has shed it starts to build back up again and...

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