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Pelvic Floor Pilates

Pfilates (no, that is not a typo) is a great program to help train your pelvic floor. When you add in core breathing, you have a fantastic way to improve and maintain a stronger pelvic floor for life.

We want our pelvic floor to be functional during times of rest and during movement; the beauty of the Pfilates program is that it does just that, it blends kegels with movement to give women more bang for their pelvic floor fitness buck!

Pfilates is Pelvic Floor Pilates and was developed by urogynecologist Dr. Bruce Crawford (that's him in the photo along with yours truly doing one of the movements called The Hover).  He was tired of telling women to go home and do their kegels, only to see them in his operating room not long after. 

Kegels, when performed correctly, are effective, but are often done seated or standing which doesn’t help much when the problems we encounter, such as leaking, usually happen during movement. 


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Some Thoughts From a Past Client

This week I am sharing some thoughts from a past client, so that you might see how pelvic health programs can really help empower women.

I met Rebekah about two years ago through Coaching Discovery Call. She is now pregnant with her second child and I recently held a Prepare To Push workshop for her and a few of her pregnant friends.  

As she has the perspective of both preparation and recovery, I thought her view would be very helpful.

What did you think when you first heard about what I do?

I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more. I heard you say the word ‘pelvic floor’ and I remember saying to myself, “What the heck is she talking about?”  I don't think I really knew what my pelvic floor was.

Tell me what you thought about the first session – the postpartum core assessment we did (2 years after your first child).

We did the assessment when my son was two and, thankfully, I didn't have any...

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Incontinence in CrossFit is a thing....a BIG thing and while there are things I really like about CrossFit, the acceptance of leaking urine as 'normal' or 'part of being the fittest woman on the planet' just doesn't sit well with me. 

I first heard about CrossFit over 10 years ago when a previous co-worker started posting the workouts on his Facebook page.  CrossFit involves high intensity strength and conditioning workouts called WOD’s – workout of the day – which could include anything from burpees to clean and jerks to pull ups to double unders.

Back then, CrossFit was gaining quite a following, mainly amongst men but in the last 5 years it has become increasingly popular amongst women.  

About 50% of the people who come to see me for help with their abdominal wall and/or their leaking, have either been doing CrossFit for awhile or have just started it. 

Simply said, I just don’t get it.  This post aims to...

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Uncategorized Jan 05, 2020

Consider Including a Midwife on Your Birth Team

The benefits of midwives are numerous, from a reduction in episiotomies and use of interventions to a reduction in epidurals. The care they provide truly supports the normal process of birth.  

I believe midwives play a huge role in protecting the perineum which in my world is huge in terms of preventing some aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction.  They encourage birth positions that facilitate birth rather than hinder it and they are in no hurry... they let the woman birth.

My Experience Giving Birth With a Midwife

I chose a midwife for the birth of my two children and was so happy that I did! 

Part of my reason for choosing a midwife was as a result of watching my sister-in-law through her pregnancy and birth. Watching the birth of my niece I saw firsthand the amazing care that the midwifery team provided.  I wanted that for myself. 

The prenatal care was great and I got to know both of the midwives...

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Why I Love Doulas

In my last post about midwives I spoke of a birth team. A doula is an integral part of that birth team both prenatally, during your birth and as you transition to motherhood.

I did not have a doula at my births (close to 10 years ago now!) because I didn’t know about them, but I certainly know about them now – in my business I work closely with doulas and have even trained as a doula myself! 

In honour of World Doula Week here are a few things about doulas that I think you should know along with a few sites I think you should check out.

  • Having a doula at your birth tends to result in shorter labour with fewer complications
  • Having a doula can help reduce negative feelings about your childbirth experience
  • Having a doula may reduce the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction, and cesareans
  • Having a doula can reduce the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals

Here are some great links...

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Uncategorized Jan 03, 2020

Healing After a Cesarean

Cesarean births can be planned, which gives Mom time to prepare in advance for the procedure, and for the recovery. But in many cases C-sections happen unexpectedly, leaving many women feeling surprised and overwhelmed.

To make matters worse, little – if any – information is provided to new moms on how to recover properly.

C-section surgery involves cutting through the skin and underlying fat cells, the fascia (connective tissue) and the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity).

The abdominal muscles are spread apart and the bladder is then moved out of the way so an incision can be made in the uterus to remove the baby.  

Once the baby is out, the incision in the uterus is sewn up, the bladder put back in place, the fascia is sutured and then, of course, the skin is stitched.

That is a whole lot of layers of incisions and then remaining scar tissue!

If you are recovering from a cesarean birth or know you will be having one,...

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Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a tradition in many countries, including here in Canada. The exact details of the custom differs culturally, and I have even observed differences native to certain regions of Canada, but the general motivation is the same: to shower a new mother with gifts (usually onesies, baby wash cloths and often advice) before or shortly after the birth of her child.

Baby showers are an exciting opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate new life, but sometimes choosing the right gift can be a challenge for guests.

Whether you are the “woman of the hour” or a friend/family member needing the perfect gift, we rounded up our top selections for some unique, practical and supportive gifts for Mom.

If this is your shower, forward this blog link to your friends and family! If you are attending a shower, you can conveniently order (most of) these products online – just be sure to allow time for delivery.


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What to Include in Your Birth Plan

A common recommendation for expecting mothers is to create a birth plan: a document that gives your caregivers (midwife, doctor, doula, partner) an outline of your choices, desires and ‘no thank you’s’ while in labour. This is designed so as not to take your attention away from the amazing process you are going through.

While it is great to have thought about things like birth positions, caregivers to be present, and heat therapy ahead of time, it is important to have a fluid list and an open mind. This will help to prevent fear and feelings of lack of control from taking over the mind and interfering with the unfolding of birth.  

I prefer to suggest that expectant parents think of their birth document as a guide, rather than a plan, because birth is just not something that always goes as planned.

I also suggest that they consider recovery as well.  Most people focus solely on the birth, but there are a lot of things...

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Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

Birthing Tips to Help Your Baby Out

During birth, your body and your baby are working together to facilitate a smooth transition into the world. Unfortunately, a lot of the lifestyle choices we make and the birth practices we pursue are actually making things a lot harder for both you and your babe.  

Here are a few tips to help your baby out during the amazing process of birth. These ideas will also help you get through birth in one piece!

Rock Your Pelvis

Dancing your baby out with rhythmic rocking of the pelvis is a great way to aid circulation, keep the muscles of the pelvic floor open and embrace the movement of your baby.  

As your baby moves into and through the pelvis in preparation for delivery, try...

  • Rocking your pelvis in either a standing position (try dancing with your partner)
  • Leaning forward and resting your arms and head on the side of a bed or couch
  • Sitting on a birth ball and circling your pelvis in all directions according to what...
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The Components of the Inner Core

Your core is probably the most impacted part of your body in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Yet, it gets little to no attention.  Most people think of the core as being the six-pack and the low back; they are correct, to an extent, but let’s look a little bit deeper than that.

Your core is made up of a number of muscles that work together to support the spine and pelvis.  We are going to look now at the inner core, or what I like to call “The Core Four.”  

The Core Four is made up of, you guessed it, four key players: the breathing diaphragm, the transversus abdominus, the multifidus and the pelvic floor.  

This team is designed to work together in anticipation of your every move.  That’s right, they should anticipate and prepare you for the task at hand before you even move!  

The function of the core is directly tied to the breath and the breath is directly tied to posture and alignment....

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