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I get a lot of questions from women who are expecting and who are interested in finding out the benefits of performing kegels exercise during pregnancy. Having questions is natural and I’m so grateful for my education as a trainer to be able to educate my clients about doing kegel exercises in pregnancy and to be able to address their concerns. 

They worry about if it’s safe to keep doing their kegels now that they are pregnant or if pregnancy is a time that they should start doing them if they haven’t been doing them before. They wonder how to do kegels and when they should start doing them if they are pregnant, if there is an ideal time. . 

As a Core Confidence founder, women come to me with a lot of questions about pelvic wellness at all stages of life, prenatal, postnatal or even if they never plan to have a child. Kegels are foundational to pelvic wellness and a hot topic of conversation in the media, among pelvic wellness practitioners and...

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Can I Do Kegels On My Period?

Can I Do Kegels On My Period? 

A Look at Pelvic Floor Exercise Throughout the Menstrual Cycle

While you may not feel like it, you absolutely can do kegels while on your period.  Your sense of motivation may be lower and your perception of ‘engaging’ the muscles may also be less but that doesn’t mean the muscles aren’t working.  Pelvic floor exercise may feel more or less effective depending on where you are in your cycle and if you are nearing menopause or past it.

The Menstrual Cycle

During menstruation (the follicular phase), estrogen and progesterone are relatively low but there is more estrogen relative to progesterone. Estrogen and testosterone are highest at ovulation and just after and then start to decline in the luteal phase followed by a drop in progesterone which starts the cycle once more.

During the first 14 days of the cycle the follicle is maturing and after the uterine lining has shed it starts to build back up again and...

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Constipation: The Pelvic Floor and Vaginal Villain

Guest Post By: Dr. Marisol Teijeiro

Think back to a time where you’re hanging with your girls and the crowned joker of your crew (no, not the Batman villain) but the one that always has something funny to say, gets you to burst out laughing so hard it sounds like your howling, and then suddenly you blurt out…

“OMG, I’m gonna pee my pants!!”   

Only it ain’t a joke.The joke is actually on you, literally. You can tell from the moistness you feel in your undies, this is the time that the pantyliners in your bathroom would have come in handy.

Dang. You peed yourself! Not very queenly of you. 

Why does this happen? 

The vagina and pelvic floor have numerous villains that conspire against its ideal function. They cause it to lose its tone and mess up the function of everything around it, namely your bladder and your bowels. Lucky for you, it was only pee!!!! How do we move from feeling like a victim of our own function, to...

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5 Ways to Get Your Bum Back After Pregnancy

During pregnancy your centre of gravity shifts and many women try to counterbalance that shift by tucking their tailbone, overusing the posterior pelvic floor muscles and under-using the glutes.

This results in a flattened backside that can’t fill up a great pair of jeans – or even hold that pair of jeans up!

While it may seem a bit odd, next time you are at your mom group, check out your friend’s butts – what do you see? Or maybe the better question is what don’t you see?

Chances are you will see a lot of flat bums, flat backs and pants that are continuously being hoisted up. What you won’t see is much, if any, booty! Mum bum syndrome is rampant and below are some tips and exercises to help you get your booty back!

Stand Up

Sitting does nothing to build the glutes and everything to make it flat as a pancake and let’s face it, we spend a lot of time sitting these days don’t we? Minimizing...

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When I was first learning about the pelvic floor and core work I would ask every course instructor what their best core cue was. The answer was never what I was hoping for – ‘it depends’ they would say. Ten years later and I am now the person saying ‘it depends’.

I love using imagery and visualization with women to help them connect to their pelvic floor and I can never tell who will respond best to which cue or image. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. What works for one, will not work for another. It is not about THE best core cue, it is about THE best core cue FOR THAT PERSON.

During my initial consultations with people I take them through a series of functional assessments to determine what, if any, non-optimal core stabilization strategies or postural adaptations they may have. I then teach them how to release those strategies then re-assess and work with them to find their best core cue.


One cue that seems to be a...

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Three Key Components of Postpartum Care

Aside from sleeping, eating, and drinking a ton of water, this is all you should be focused on after your babe is born:

  • Breathe into your body to send healing oxygen around
  • Breastfeed and bond with your new baby
  • Relax in warm baths filled with healing herbs to help soothe and restore your perineum

That’s it!! You need to take time to heal your postpartum body.

The Importance of Recovery Time

The importance of postpartum recovery is so often overlooked. Moms are anxious to feel like themselves again, to move in a non-pregnant body, and to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, but too much too soon can spell disaster for the postpartum body.

By taking time to heal, to rest, and to support your body, you will better restore your form and function, leaving you less likely to experience the common postpartum complaints of mummy tummy and a weak pelvic floor.


Restoring your body actually starts while you are pregnant. By...

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buff muff Jan 13, 2020

Make Your Pelvic Health a Priority!

I recently received an email from a fellow entrepreneur who wanted to book a session with me because she is unhappy with her tummy and she has back pain.

She wrote:

I've been wearing my wrap lately b/c my belly is out of control.  Baby weight all gone - but serious issues with my belly - I feel like everything is just hanging out and putting a lot of stress on my back. Also, I still carry my daughter.  No, I haven't been exercising or doing anything that you told me to do :(

This morning, I woke up with shooting pains across my abdomen and up and down - put on my wrap and felt immediately better.  I need to do something and would like to see you in a formal capacity.

This wrap really holds it together for me (literally/figuratively).

My response: 

The big question I ask though is what prevented you from doing the exercises?  In a session I will do a full assessment and then give you more exercises... Will you do...

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Four Guidelines for Sex After Baby

Having sex for the first time after having a baby is a bit like, well, having sex for the very first time ever!  What will it feel like?  Will it hurt? Will my partner enjoy it? 

After babe, having sex for the first time comes with a whole new set of fears and questions.

My tummy is poochy.  Something doesn’t feel right down there.  Is it safe?   Will we wake the baby?  Will my husband be able to feel anything?  Will I get breastmilk all over?  Is it too early?  Waaaa!!!  (That could be you or the baby crying! ;-) )

Whenever it feels right for you, here are some guidelines that can help lessen some of the fears and hesitations.

Reconnect With Your Core

Most of the fears and worries are all centered in your centre – your core.  Two major components of the core are the pelvic floor and the abdomen. These two parts of your body play an integral role in sex and they...

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Some Advice for New Dads

Bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming for parents and in particular for dads, who are unsure of how to care for their new child and how to best support their partner. 

Most are sure they want to bond, and to help, but are unsure of exactly how. They can be nervous about doing something wrong. Here are some tips on how to best support your amazing wife as you both transition to parenthood.

Draw Her A Bath

Your partner has gone through a lot – she has grown a baby and given birth to that baby and her body needs time to heal. 

Regular baths filled with healing herbs are a necessity for a new mom.  Draw her a bath, help her in and then close the door while you tend to babe.  Quiet, healing rest is crucial and so appreciated.

Use Your Muscles

Something as simple as getting in and out of bed can be incredibly difficult for a new mom.  Her abdominal muscles that offer support to her spine and help her move are stretched...

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How to Exercise While Pregnant

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise. Pregnancy is a time when exercise is key, not only for mom but for the benefit of babe too! 

How Exercise Benefits Your Baby

An exercise physiologist named Linda May looked at the benefits of exercise on the fetuses of 66 pregnant women.  She and her partners collected non-invasive fetal heart measurements at 28, 32 and 36 weeks of gestation. 

The exercise group participated in moderate to vigorous exercise at least three times a week while the other group did not exercise.  The team noticed changes in heart rate response in the fetuses of the exercising moms starting at 32 weeks and by 36 weeks they noticed lower heart rates and increased heart rate variability (an indicator of a heart functioning more efficiently and a measure typically associated with exercisers). 

How Exercise Can Prepare You For Birth

There is a principle in fitness called the specificity principle.  It states...

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