Performing Kegels Exercise for Pregnancy | The Vagina Coach

I get a lot of questions from women who are expecting and who are interested in finding out the benefits of performing kegels exercise during pregnancy. Having questions is natural and I’m so grateful for my education as a trainer to be able to educate my clients about doing kegel exercises in pregnancy and to be able to address their concerns. 

They worry about if it’s safe to keep doing their kegels now that they are pregnant or if pregnancy is a time that they should start doing them if they haven’t been doing them before. They wonder how to do kegels and when they should start doing them if they are pregnant, if there is an ideal time. . 

As a Core Confidence founder, women come to me with a lot of questions about pelvic wellness at all stages of life, prenatal, postnatal or even if they never plan to have a child. Kegels are foundational to pelvic wellness and a hot topic of conversation in the media, among pelvic wellness practitioners and...

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